Friday, July 15, 2011

FlogYoBlog Friday: The Muggle Edition

Howdy Floggers,

If you've been living under a rock you might not know that the final Harry Potter movie has just been released. You also may now have a sore back from living under said rock.

Now I confess to not having a clue about anything Potter-y (or pottery for that matter). I have not read any of the books and have only seen the first two movies, and only then because I was outnumbered in a vote.

In the second one there is a scene with a bajillion spiders and I almost crapped myself and swore I'd never see another one and no amount of smarmy girl wizard, annoying tag along wizard and visually impaired wizard shenanigans could lure me back... yet strangely I wanna know what happens in the end.

So in order to comment on the movie, I will go with what I do know: Hermoine is a fox.

Who could've known at that very first casting photo that those children would grow up to be so hot. Well, you know, all except the g*nger kid. And I use the asterisk because Tim Minchin told me too.

Now you all go Flog while I brace myself for the Potterists to come and flog me for saying that.

Any one else feeling the massive come down after last week's awesomeness? Yeah, thought so.

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  1. I'm not a HP person either. 

    The spider scene freaked me out too. Scared.

  2. not a big Potter nutter here either. but strangley curious about the final movie. might download it illegally later. 
    But I am a HUGE Tim Minchin fan. he's my secret husband actually. love everything about him. especially the ginger song. and I have me some ginger strands so I'm allowed to use that word.

  3. I admit to reading all the Potter books but not so much into rushing to see the movies.I started because I wanted to get my son to read...good enough excuse :)

  4. Oh I love Potter! The books are brilliant and there is just so much depth to the concepts. I find that so much can be related to past and present events and things that happen in every day life.  Some how reading the books the storyline can make personal events appear much clearer. Once you start it is hard to put down. I started reading them when I was recovering from a knee reconstruction, so I had plenty of time. But with Tricky, I reckon he might get a few severed fingers because you'll have your head in the book! ha!

  5. No way I reckon Ron is wayyy hot. 
    But yes Hermoine is super hot. 

    I'm a lover of books and I've only ever read the first one. Before the first movie. Then I saw that first movie and hated it because it was too different from the book so I swore I wouldn't read the books until I saw all the movies. Now I have and I don't think I will read the books any time soon. 
    I love the movies. The first 2 are really quite tame compared to the rest. And the spiders part? Is no more than 5 seconds of the movie. They're more of a background thing in a battle scene. You can hardly see them. 

    The ending is a bit confusing though. There is something that doesn't quite add up (without giving anything away).

  6. I watched half a Potter movie. That's all I could tolerate. Also haven't done the Twilight thing. Really hope I'm not missing anything! ;)

  7. As a Harry Potter tragic, I have to disagree with you about the g*nger. Actually, I do agree - he's not hot at all but completely loveable and adorable anyway. Hermione is a fox. xx

  8. Oh Glowy you are missing out! HP is great, although you are right, the spiders nearly put me off the whole thing!

  9. I cheated and read the summary of the last book cause I wanted to know what's going to happen. The first half was so depressing!

  10. Nawww, Glow, your lucky i dont unleash my Kids on you for that! 

  11. I dunno, that Ron has his screaming female fans. Must be the scruffy-boffin look......

  12. I jumped on the HP train late in life when my hubs made me sit through some of the movies. Before that I was entirely anti and high and mighty about it. Now, I've read the books, which I love and have enjoyed most of the movies though I'm not a freak about it and I certainly wasn't dressed up as Harry and lined up at the cinema at 6.30pm for a midnight showing like some people I saw the other night!!

  13. What's wrong with you Glowless? Gingers are sexy! It's been 9.5 years since Thunder Maker and I first started going out and I still lament the fact that he's blonde (well, the little hair that remains is blonde) and not a ginger. That's probably a couple of things you didn't need to know about me. :)

  14. My eight year old LOVES Harry Potter and thinks he's hot with glasses not without. Bwahahahahaha.

    Funnily enough my 2 year old is now a bit of a Potter fan too.

    My rule is that she has to have read the book before seeing the movie though so at present she's up to number 5 and dying to see the next movie. I'm so mean! LOL

  15. Hey glowless, I just popped my flog ya blog cherry!! And it felt quite good actually, Thanks for having me xx

  16. The good thing about Harry Potter is that it got a lot of kids reading who had previously never picked up a book.

  17. I havent read the books but ive read the last page of the last book to ruin it for everyone in my family that was reading it (lol i am a horrible person) Ive watched the first 3 movies. Going to watch the others though. This last movies got me kind curious now :) I agree hermoine IS a fox :)

  18. Hi

    I have just found your blog. I very new to blog land hope you come and say hello to me I will come a visit you again maybe everyday love reading everything though looks like I have a great deal to learn.

    Thanks Wendy


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