Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Four (other) things you can do with your ben-wa balls

It is not news that I have a Kegel exerciser. I told y'all about it and did a giveaway. A giveaway that over ONE THOUSAND people entered. Here I was thinking I'd be hearing crickets when I started talking about lady parts, but you lot are very pro-vagina and came in droves to get your hands on those awesome pink ben-wa balls.

Quite often since that day I've wondered what you could do with a ben wa ball when you no longer have a use for it? Once you have your vag of steel it's a bit sad for 'Ben' to just sit in your naughty drawer gathering dust so I took it upon myself to find out and let you know - think of it as a community service announcement if you will.

So here you have it. Four things you can use your ben-wa balls as when you're finished with them:

1. Earrings. They might be slightly heavy, but now that you've got a super strength vag, it's only right that you get super strength ears. This shit will be all over Etsy soon I just know it.

2. Bespoke Keyring. Particularly effective when you are at a swingers party - c'mon, you know that gal has been exercising!

3. Christmas Decorations. 'Tis the season to be jolly, and jolly you will be with these on your tree. In fact, I believe ben-wa is actually the ancient word for "inappropriate decoration".

4. Cat Entertainment Device. I have it on good authority that cats adore ben-wa balls and will go off like someone has spiked the catnip.

Doctored under CC license - cheers, HortenseJones
If you're going to use them again afterwards, I suggest a high quality cleaning substance. Or bleach if you're allergic to cats.

How do you use your ben-wa balls when you don't need them any more? Do you name your toys?

*No cats were harmed in the making of this blog post. I tried, but no one would let me borrow their cat for a sex toy photoshoot.


  1. Love the xmas deco idea.. I believe they'd be great diving toys for the kids, with a handy string for easy retrieval from the bottom of the pool. And who's gonna argue with you over ownership at the local YMCA..

  2. i replaced my fluffy dice on the car revision mirror with my Ben-Wa's and if i am out and about and think the old pelvic floor needs a tune up...well they are on hand!

  3. HAAAAAAAAAAAA! Might want to freshen them up a bit with Febreeze before you hang them in public ;)

  4. They would be ideal as a whimsical substitute for a jack in a round of lawn bowls. You know, something a little more modern than coloured balls and jaunty team jerseys to get the young 'uns interested in the game.

  5. Excellent idea Mrs Rochester! The young 'uns would be all over that!

  6. Fab idea! And I'm sure the chlorine would help with cleaning too ;-)

  7. Ahhhh Febreeze, where would we be without it, hey?

  8. Point for creativity there Bec! Awesome suggestion!

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  10. ooh i should put mine on the tree!


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