Tuesday, November 13, 2012

You've been Perthed

Forget six degrees of separation (and the truly shit house movie of the same name), and disregard Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. In Perth, you can connect yourself to most people by three degrees. Which of course is a fact that I just made up but might as well be true.

Around here, it's called being Perthed.

It extends also to bumping in to people you know wherever you go and is the sole reason that I put on makeup when I leave the house and avoid certain shopping centres. I'm pretty much guaranteed to see someone I know and the likelihood of me seeing them is based on a sliding scale:

In my three shifts at my new job I've seen seven people I know, which by my own scale must mean I look like a bit of a dog when I'm there.

On top of those seven people (not literally, we're not playing Twister), I had the honour of introducing the 'Perthed' concept to a reader of this here ol' blog, who is in town visiting from Brisbane and happened to be at my work:

"You're 'Where's My Glow? aren't you?"

*shifty eyes* "Um. Yes?" *mild panic*

Amy, who was an invaluable help to me when Tricky first had issues with anaphylaxis and asthma, recognized my media-whore face and said hello meaning I was simultaneously having a nice little OMG-I-was-recognized ego boost and an OMG-I-was-recognized freak out.

Being recognized by a reader has to be the strangest thing ever to come from Blogging. It has happened a few times now and is testament again to just how small Perth is (one time it happened at teeny tiny Kalgoorlie airport which was a complete spin out), and each time I think a) How is it possible for anyone to recognize me without an Instagram filter and b) Being a celebrity and having this every minute of every day would be fucking weird!!

Do you only see people you know when you look like shit?

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  1. Kalgoorlie Airport is the one place you don't go to in your trakkies and uggies! Guaranteed to see a least one person of interest and a handful of other people whom I only ever see at the airport or at Kal Cup. Next time you're lurking this way, drop a hint, I'll come stalk you and give you another freak out/ excited OMG moment! X

  2. It's so hard being you! Having moved here from NYC there is something oddly comforting knowing you are bound to bump into someone you know every time you go out in Perth.

  3. That sounds like my Mum. I swear to god she knows the entire Indian Community or else she's some famous celebrity. Whenever she's out somewhere, she meets someone she knows every few meters and then stops to talk in very fast Hindi for like an hour. XD

  4. yep - it's the only time I meet people I know - And I usually have some food spilled down my shirt too

  5. Yep, only ever when I am looking truly shithouse. Thankfully though I live about 45 minutes away from where I grew up so I don't often run in to people I know and would want to look my best for (who cares about family right, they have seen me at my worst so I figure anything is better to them than first thing in the morning after a night on the turps!). My husband on the other hand sees someone he knows almost everywhere we go, including on our honeymoon in Fiji!

  6. The look on your face was priceless, but in a good way. Hope you got to see some of the show!

  7. Hehe! I did end up seeing quite a bit of it actually as I was in the one relieving the other people for their meal breaks :)

  8. I need to move further away I think! I can't believe you ran in to people you knew in Fiji!

  9. Haha! I love a tight knit community but sometimes it would be nice to just not know anyone and have a trackie dacks day

  10. If SATC taught me anything, it's that you will only ever bump in to fabulous people or ex boyfriends in NYC :P

  11. Will let you know Liz! I'll put on high vis so I stand out... oh wait, it's Kal, everyone at the airport is in high vis.

  12. Shaggable is on the wrong side of passable, it should be just before 'complete minger'. Just sayin :)


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