Thursday, November 1, 2012

I'm a (slightly silly, vlog making) Claus for a Cause

I have gone fun run crazy it would seem. Yes even I, the girl who doesn’t exercise, can be active when it’s for charity. If you've watched the video you'd already know that I'm one of the Blog Ambassadors for the Variety Santa Fun Run! If you haven't, you really should watch it now if for no other reason than to piss yourself laughing at me. It's OK, I'll wait...

The Variety Santa Fun Run is being held almost nationwide (sorry, Tassie) on Sunday 25th of November and this year I'll be dressing up (along with Map Guy and Tricky) and heading to Freo to be a Claus for a Cause. You can go here to register and receive your Santa Suit!!

If dressing up as the big guy doesn’t float your boat but you’d still like to contribute, you can sponsor me here. And really, I think I deserve to be sponsored after prancing around Perth in my suit to show you just how fashionable it is, don't you? And the dancing bit? That's at least worth a $20, surely?

Images used with permission from Variety
Last year there were 1200 West Aussie Santas that raised $40,000 for local children who are sick, disadvantaged or have special needs. Your dollars will do so much for the kids in your state, so here's an idea of exactly what your money can do:

♥ $75 can send a child with special needs to the annual Variety Kids Christmas Party

♥ $200 can help a child who is non-verbal to communicate with iPad assistive software

♥ $1,000 can give fun and freedom to a child living with disability with their own customised tricycle

♥ $3,500 can provide an electric bed and pressure mattress to give a child with special needs a good night’s sleep

♥ $5,000 can help a child living with physical disability with a customised standing frame

I would love it if you would join me or sponsor me today.

Will you be a Claus for a Cause? Would you wear your suit to the shops?


  1. absolutely LOVE the camera credits to the bucket on the table ;)

  2. Heyyyy Sexy Layyydyyy! Oppp do you have someone walking with you on the day? I wouldn't mind joining if only we get to do the Gangnam dance at the end! ahahahahah

  3. ur bonkers!!!! love it haaaahhah

  4. The bucket did a great job, he totally deserved the credit. xx

  5. And so we shall! ehehehehe

  6. Ok that was an absolute pisser. well done.

  7. The Bucket and the Table it was balanced on totally deserve a pay rise!

  8. Kelley @ magnetoboldtooNovember 3, 2012 at 1:03 PM

    gangnam style in a santa suit.

    You won the internet RIGHT THERE MY FRIEND.

  9. Said bucket was blown off the table in the giant storm of the weekend. RIP bucket.


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