Friday, November 9, 2012

If it's raining, I can technically spend my rainy day money

This is a sponsored post for Virgin Money

It’s spring time and yet Perth still doesn’t seem to have gotten the memo. It’s freezing and raining one day and then sun burn central the next. We’re like Melbourne but with much less fashion sense. Skinny jeans and thongs, anyone?

One of the cool things about rainy days though is that you can legitimately dip in to your rainy day fund. What?! It’s raining! A technicality, maybe.

OK so I’m not the best at saving money unless of course you count the things that I buy that are on sale. That counts, right? Even though I didn’t actually need that fourth pair of practically identical black shoes for 70% off. Or that basket of pig shaped pegs just because they were buy one, get one free. Or *ahem* almost expired wine for $1 a litre. It’s just that going past a sale is against my religion and I’m extremely devout.

Which is why when I came across the Virgin Saver Account I found a really simple way to save your pennies no matter whether you’re saving for new shoes or a round the world trip. It’s so simple because there are no limits on deposits, it has a great ongoing rate and no fees whatsoever . No, that’s not a typo. No fees whatsoever. With no fees to chip away at your money, you’ll get to your savings goal even faster so Hello Manolo Blahniks or London. Or if you’re really good, Manolo Blahniks from the flagship store in London.

There are full details of the account here but for a quick glimpse, here’s a handy table to show how they compare against some of the others. It’s not quite as handy as, say, a coffee table, but since when does your coffee table give you a high variable interest rate? Hrm?

Virgin Money would like to help support saving initiatives across Australia and to do so they’ve given me some cold hard cash to give away to kick start your fund. I like the sound of that, and really, who wouldn’t like a bit of free money to start a new savings campaign?

For your chance to win $100 credited to a Virgin Money Saver Account all you have to do is fill out the form below and tell me what you’re saving your pennies for right now. A holiday? A new laptop? Pig shaped pegs?

If you don’t win that, never fear, there are also 25 runner up prizes of $25 Virgin Money Saver Accounts!

Are you a spender or a saver? Do you want pig shaped pegs

Full terms and conditions available here

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winners have been notified 


  1. I *used* to be a spender but now we've finally made the big decision to move, I'm a saver. Every time I do spend something now, I just think to myself "but that could be earning interest in the bank and getting us to move that little bit sooner!".

    Guv is a saver, he can go months and the only thing he'd buy would be petrol for one of his two bikes!

  2. I'm still a spender, but only on cheap things - although they do add up! I've splurged my first pay check from the new job as a novelty (hair and nails!) and now I'll be back to my usual mostly saving sometimes buying cheap things behaviour!

  3. I know all about your contrary Perth weather, we get it a couple of days later here in Adelaide.
    and I already have a fee free account with my regular bank, so, no thanks on the virgin account.

  4. I'm a bit of a save for everything kind of saver. Instead of saving up for something, I save in general and buy things when needed (read:wanted).

  5. I'm a better saver now that internet banking makes it easy to have the money go out of my account in to savings before I actually see it but I still spend shitloads of money on stuff I don't need but had to have because it was a bargain. Those group buying sites are my biggest downfall at the moment, I'm always getting some deal or other that I really didn't need but just had to have! Like 7 photo canvas vouchers (I justify this though because I will be using some of them for Christmas presents!). And there is no way I could have walked past pigged shaped pegs, even though I don't actually hang anything on our clothesline!

  6. I'm glad you did this post because I have been looking for a savings account for the Darlings that doesn't require limits on deposits. I don't think it's right that parents have to keep adding $25/month to a kid's bank account when the whole purpose of a kid's bank account is to teach them how to save/manage the money they get from grandma in their birthday card. At the rate my girls were going with their accounts, they'd be able to afford better clothes than me in a few years time!


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