Monday, February 21, 2011

Burpy Bibs - Giveaway

Tricky is a messy eater. Actually that’s quite an understatement. Food goes everywhere.

It’s not that I’m that bad at aiming for his gob, it’s just that some of it comes back out again.

Because he’s so interested in everything around him, his head swings from side to side like one of those wide mouth clowns you put the balls in, and as a result the food likes to drop not only down his front where his bib is, but down the sides of his shoulders on to his clothes.

It is not unusual for the kid to need a change of clothes and a bath after a meal.

So when Aden + Anais sent me some amazing Burpy Bibs that covered Tricky’s shoulders I danced around the kitchen singing the Hallelujah (not the angelic one, the Dr Alben one - you know, where the chicks dance around wearing shower curtains).

Click on the film strip for a closer look at the  Burpy Bib in action!
Ooh nom nom nom!
No Mama, I do it.
The other thing that I really like about them is the way they do up at the back with a simple press stud – the other bibs we use that are long enough to do any sort of clothes-protecting are all of the over-the-head variety, which means when I yank them off gently pull them over Tricky’s head, half the food that was on them is now smooshed in to his face, no matter how carefully I do it.

Their design is just genius. They can be used as a burp cloth when you’ve got a spewey small baby and because of their contoured shape, they stay on your shoulder as if they were glued down. And because they’re Aden + Anais it means they’re super soft muslin and look awesome with their chic prints.

For reducing the amount of washing I have to do and therefore saving me time and money, and for looking completely funky, (and because when put on backwards they make a great baby cape) the Burpy Bibs are being awarded the coveted Where’s My Glow Seal of Approval!
So without further ado I bring you the goods! Aden + Anais have given me a set of Burpy Bibs, to give away to one lucky reader!
To enter:
  1. Follow Where’s My Glow - you do already though, right?
  2. Like Aden + Anais on Facebook
  3. Leave a comment* below telling me which design you’d prefer by checking out the Aden + Anais webpage.
  4. For an extra entry share this competition with your friends via Twitter by saying "I want my @adenandanais Burpy Bibs from @Glowless!" (leave a separate comment once you've done it)
  5. For an extry entry share this competition on Facebook (leave a separate comment once you've done it) 
The giveaway is open to Australian residents and closes at 8pm WST on Monday 28th February 2011. The winner will be chosen using a random number generator.

*Make sure you sign in to Disqus (the comment widget) with a valid email address so you can be contacted when you win. If you’re having trouble with Disqus you can email your entry to glowless{at}wheresmyglow{dot}com. The winner has one week to reply to contact email at which time the prize will be re-drawn.

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  1. Alpha Bit!! I like non-gender ones ;)

  2. Like Tricky, my daughter Miss E is a messy eater.
    I gave up on all bibs ages ago when the mess just ended up on her head or face, and now all her pretty little clothes have food grot on them, and it's not cool.
    These one's are a good idea though, in that they cover the shoulders as well. With a two year old often zooming past her, Miss E is often moving her head during meals. Which, as you are aware means more mess.! Ick.!
    I love the baby cakes printed burpy bibs. How cute are they.!?

    :D :D

  3. I tweeted it, too :)

  4. love the jungle ones

  5. I love the 'mod about baby burpy bib' (have liked page).

  6. I love the baby cakes one. Too cute.

  7. Tweeter about it too.

  8. I follow a+a on fb

    Brookelynthomas (@) gmail . Com

  9. I love the jungle jam burpy bib pack, so cute!

  10. I tweeted -!/marketraider

  11. What a great giveaway. My smarty pants boy has figured out if he pulls on his bib long and hard enough the velcor will undo !! Food goes EVERYWHERE!!

    And of course Im already following where's my glow

  12. Love the alpha bit burpy bib :)


  13. Oh and Im already a liker of Aden and Anais on FB :)


  14. I love the prince charming design!

    And I already like Aden + anais on FB

  15. I've shared this on FB too, better late than never!

  16. So since I didn't win any wraps! I want to win the bibs! hehe!

    I am a follower, oh yeah!

  17. I like Aden & Anais on FB :)

  18. I love the Baby Cupcakes!

    My twitter is playing up! darn!


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