Friday, February 4, 2011

Letter to Tricky - Eight months old

Dear Tricky,

My boy, you are unstoppable!

You are now coasting along the furniture at great speed and impressing the family, particularly your Perth Pop who would be with you all day, every day, if he could. He talks about you to strangers - I've learned to walk away when he starts or he will stay there, annoying passers by, all day long with tales of you trying to walk or your six chompers.

It's a bit funny to watch you because you look way too little to be doing all these things. Because you're up and moving (and because you have half of Map Guy's genes) you are long and very skinny. You are definitely not a Michelin Man, except for your chubby cheeks.

You're loving food so much, especially the yoghurt I make for you, but people think that you mustn't eat very much because you're such a skinny minny. Yet you power through two weetbix every morning... I eat two weetbix for breakfast and I'm an adult (you're well on your way to Brett Lee's ten). Then lunch and dinner, plus you're still having Mama's milk. Where's it all going? Your brain, obviously. Well, that's what Mummy tells everyone anyway hehe.

The most exciting thing for me this month is not any of that though... I'm overjoyed that you've finally figured out that your bed is for sleeping in! Before a few days ago you seemed to not understand the concept. But now, you're having two daytime naps for and hour and a half and sleeping through from 7pm to 6.30am! You have no idea how happy you have made Mummy! And Daddy is overjoyed because Mummy isn't so cranky any more.

The next chapter for you is about to begin as today you have your pre-surgery consult and photos taken... your Go Go Gadget springs are coming out this month! You're going to have to be brave, little guy, even though this time won't be nearly as painful as last time, I'm afraid it's still going to hurt. But you will get so many kisses and cuddles from Daddy and I to make it all better.

We love you so much, Tricky. I cannot describe how much you mean to us, we're so lucky to have you.

Love Mummy xxx

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  1. This is such a gorgeous idea, and so special for him to keep when he is older

  2. oh tricky is super cute! he looks so much like my friends baby i had to stop and wonder if you were my friend A writing this blog...but her little one is 10months so can't be! ha ha that would have been too funny :)
    look forward to the smiling tiger and tricky meeting next week!!

  3. Poor Tricky having another surgery soon. Sounds like he'll be up and around in no time at all :)

  4. Two? I can barely make it through two weet bix!! What a kid!


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