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Beetroot Vs Pork Crackle - Guest Post by CRAP Mamma

I love guest posting on other blogs but I've never hosted one at Where's My Glow? before... that changes today! I'm having the day off and calling in a blogsitter - my very first guest blogger, Jacqui from CRAP Mamma - it's her first time guesting so please be gentle and show her some comment lovin'.
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A couple of months ago I was lucky enough to win a HealthyChart from Glowless at Where’s My Glow?

A Healthy What? I hear you ask. A HealthyChart is a magnetic rewards/incentive chart for kids.

Now my boys aren’t real rewards-chart-type of kids. Maybe I’m not really a rewards-chart-kinda Mum. So when I was told that I’d won it I’ve got to admit I was a little skeptical at the benefits it was going to have on my family.

That was until I received it in the mail.

It was colourful.

It was pretty.

It was eye-catching.

Yep it was going to be a winner.

Endorsed by busy mums and CRAP ones

It took pride of place on our fridge.

I thought I’d use the chart for my nearly five-year-old – Mr Cuddles.

Now Mr Cuddles is really a pretty good eater but like most pre-schoolers his repertoire of food could be much improved.

Enter HealthyChart.

We found it really educational.

It made him me think about introducing him to new veggies so we can use the different magnetic tiles that hadn’t yet been used.

It was a great bribery encouragement tool:

“Just try this beetroot so we can put another magnet on your chart mate”;

“But it’s red!”;

“Yes I know mate, but you get a magnet just for trying it”;

“But it’s red Mum!”;

“You’re right mate, it is red, but you get a magnet just for trying it”;

“Alright then, but I’m only going to have a little bit okay?” – Yeah!!! *Happy dance*
Mr Cuddles is gonna be a big strong boy
It was great to use for one-on-one time with Mr Cuddles to talk about his health. These chats often led to other conversations about him growing ‘big and strong’ through eating well , drinking lots of water and exercising.

It was a focal point when we talked to him about proteins, carbs and vitamins.

“Proteins build your muscles, carbs give you energy and vitamins keep you healthy mate.”

We talked about fats. I had to explain to him that whilst roast pork crackle is very yummy, it’s actually no good for us. That took a lot of convincing.

We talked about moderation.

Anything that gets my boys talking and thinking about good health is always a winner in my book.

Although - note to self - when placing magnets on the fridge, be sure to place out of reach of Baby Mischief (nearly 1) because he thinks the tiles taste like the food that’s pictured on them and has tried to consume a few of them unsuccessfully. That would be an interesting nappy change…..

Thanks very much to Glowless from Where’s My Glow for hosting the competition and Margaret from HealthyChart. Mr Cuddles loves it and so do we x.

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Jacqui is a hilarious chick who blogs over at CRAP Mamma

She has three small boys who are super cute and keep her very busy, but thanks to her CRAP philosophy she's able to laugh in the face of adversity and adapt to anything that life throws at her, including record flooding and cyclones.

To find out if you're a CRAP Mamma or Dadda (I hope I am!) head on over to her blog and check out The Path to CRAP. Plus she's just joined Twitter (@CRAPMamma) so you can stalk her there too!

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  1. I love my healthy chart too! And yes, those magnets really need to stay out of reach of little fingers...I'm sure we've lost a few already :(

  2. I had a little giggle at your quick thinking ("but you get a tile for it). Sound like a great idea. And isn't it amazing what toddlers can ingest.

  3. @ Louisa - lol! I don't think we've lost too many magnets yet but the little teeth marks in the broccoli, milk and water magnets adds a nice personal kinda touch to the chart hehehe!

  4. Looks like a great idea. Glad it's working so well for you

  5. I am so glad that you like your HealthyChart. I just love the feedback.

    Perhaps I need to get a wiggle on my booster pack idea of exotic fruits and veggies and add a replacement of chewed and lost tiles pack too! Thanks for your support!


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