Friday, February 11, 2011

Pick Me! Pick Me!

Did you know I have been nominated for the Kleenex Mums Best Blog Post of 2010?

The nomination process was long and hard. One that consisted of me saying "Yeah orright, I nominate my bastardized Christmas poem" and voila I was in.

Well if I don't nominate me, who will?

I chose the poem because I was proud of it, even though it was silly, and because it was one of my most commented on pieces of the year. I almost cried when Disqus decided to eat my comments - I can still see them but no one else can (feel free to comment again on the post, you know, to stop the tears).

It does however mean I'm up against blog posts that are either inspiring, heartbreaking or well written... sometimes all three.

If you'd like to vote for me (or the best blog post, whatever) then you can check it out by clicking the logo below.

Voting for me will make you look ten years younger and ten times more appealing to the opposite sex (or the same sex if you prefer)*

*May be complete bullshit

Meet Glowless at the Aussie Bloggers Conference thanks to


  1. I been and I voted! :)

  2. Just for the fact that you are so hilarious and made me smile at this stupid hour of the morning when I am not awake I am going to vote for you :D Best of luck! Jen

  3. aaaaaggggggjjhhhhhh unclean!!!! I just went to read your poem - you could have put a warning up or something!! I need a shower now :0( I'm off to vote for someone else now. Let's see, shall I vote for "" or "" Neither look particularly my bag to be honest, but at least they haven't mentioned... aaaagggggghhhh I won't sleep tonight.

  4. Oh Glen my sincere apologies, next time I will be sure to include a warning that says: Warning, may contain topics that make men go aaaaggggggghhhhhhh including but not limited to words starting with "M" and ending with "enstruation"

  5. I voted, I voted!!

  6. Oh, I remember that one! It gave me a giggle!


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