Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Key to Success (or my front door)

Continuing on with the theme of blogging about the embarrassing, stupid things I do, I bring you today's post.

I had put Tricky down for his nap and was so tired (though it was only 9.30am) that I thought I'd try to have one too. But then the postman came on his little bike and the allure of a man in high vis gear was just too much for me, so I went to empty the letterbox. At that point a whisper of a breeze decided to come and slam my door. Brilliant.

I was outside. Tricky was inside. On top of the unbrushed hair and bags under my eyes, I had no keys (duh), no phone, no shoes, NO BRA and was still in my PJs. What a sight.

Tina had only just told me to put a bra on but I didn't listen. I've learned my lesson.

I looked up and down the street - the elderly lady two houses up was watering a few plants in her front garden. I hurredly walked up to her, holding the junk mail and letters across my bra-less boobs and by the time I had gotten to her the tears had started.

"I've locked myself out of the house and my baby is inside! Alone!"

Why did I add "Alone!"?. It was pretty bloody obvious from my tears and choking voice that he was in there by himself.

Mrs Neighbour took me inside her immaculate home whilst asking me to excuse the mess, then sat me in front of their phone. I went blank. What was Map Guy's number?! I always just hit his name in my phone, I never dial his number.

I started to dial Aunty Penny's number (the first mobile phone number I ever learned so it has stuck with me all these years) but it hadn't even connected yet when I had a sudden flash of brilliance and remembered. Hurrah!

His voice sounded so mature and commanding because he answered using his 'work voice'. And then there was my voice. All meek and squeaky like a mouse; "I've locked myself out *sob sob*. Tricky's inside *sniff sniff* Can you come home?"

It would be about 25 minutes til he would be home so Mr Neighbour walked me home, insisting that he would try his own house keys in our Fort Knox-worthy front door. Mrs Neighbour just rolled her eyes and wished me luck.

Not surprisingly his keys didn't work, but I wanted to hug him for even trying. He made sure I was OK and returned home to Mrs Neighbour, to no doubt talk about how strange it was to see a crying, bra-less woman standing on their doorstop in PJs.

Map Guy rolled up, a knight in shining armour a Black and White taxi and let me in just as Tricky was waking up from his nap and starting to cry. I'd been outside for almost 40 minutes.

I went and got these for my neighbours, it's so nice to know that there are kind people who will take pity on a girl in her jammies.

Have you locked yourself out?
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  1. Yes, when I was pregnant. Heavily pregnant. I had to climb in through my bedroom window at 3pm ... in my PJ's. All while the Bug was inside, grinning like a maniac after having shut the door on me. Why yes, my daughter IS the spawn of the devil!

  2. Oh what an awful feeling! Am kind of glad for you that his keys didn't work, though. Haven't ever locked myself out but have done the bin/letterbox dash in just pj;s and no bra.... May rethink that.... And you sound like a pretty good neighbour yourself, gorgeous flowers :)

  3. I would have been hysterical. But how sweet of Mr Neighbour trying his own keys :) Thank you for the linky love <3

  4. Absolutely! For some strange reason I left my work phone in the car - which I never ever do but I happened to have had that day - and had to ring my in laws to rush over to bring their set of our key!..duh..i felt soooo stupid!...My mum always said to hide my keys somewhere, anywhere outside the house in case I ever locked myself out and did I listen? that I have a house full of kids it's more important to have the spare key hidden somewhere...but my parents live close by sooooo.....I too have NO IDEA what my man's numbers are....have to make it a point to remember, yes.

  5. Bahaha I would have paid good money to see that!

  6. I'm glad his keys didn't fit either! In the 60's my dad and his best mate had different make and model cars that fit each others' keys. I have no idea how they figured that out.

  7. I nodded along in agreement to the 'if you're wearing a bra, you're dressed' philosophy and then only days later broke my own cardinal rule *sigh*

  8. You poor thing! Your neighbours sound lovely and it's so good they helped you out.
    Ellie has locked me out, both times with baby Kahlei napping inside - the second time I was pregnant with Jasper.
    Only yesterday, I took all three kiddos out to the park and on returning found my husband had taken my house keys after giving his to the real estate agent. I was lucky to catch him before he drove two hours away for work!

  9. lol. sorry I am laughing at your expense. I have three reasons why that won't happen to me although I'm sure it must have been terrifying for you! 1) I have a lock on the letterbox and the key is on the same keyring as the door keys 2) I don't leave the door locked when I go out it 3) I sleep in a bra (keeps the breast pads in place). what I have to watch is if I give in and let baby play with the car key while she's in the car while I rush around grabbing shoes etc never close the door because she likes to push the lock button and could easily lock herself in. she's almost done it to me once.

  10. My SIL recently had a similar thing happen to her. She pulled car into garage and had shut the garage door. Then the front door bell rang so she walked through to answer before getting baby out of car (which was not running - but it was hot). A gust of wind blew front door shut leaving her outside with no phone, and the person who had come to the door who didn't speak very good English. A helpful neighbour managed to find a ladder to allow her to crawl up and release a switch on the garage door that enabled her to open it - but that was only after 40 minutes of running around like a chicken with her head cut off. I think I would have taken a rock and smashed a window, but then again I don't think clearly under pressure.

    Oh, and by the way, I can still remember seeing my Mum walk out of the house without wearing a bra when I was about 5 years old and being mortified! Don't let it happen to Tricky!

    I can imagine the lovely neighbours were saying, "What a lovely girl, but don't you think she should have been dressed by now?"

  11. Have just been at Tina Grays reading her lock out story. Mine involves cold porridge.

    Glad your bub was OK. I would have been frantic too.

  12. Oh no! That is so something I will probably do someday. And, I won't have a bra on either. I hardly ever wear one!

  13. My husband went off on a sleepwalking adventure from our top floor high rise apartment and he was er au natural... I had a split second to decide if I should grab my keys-the door is always slamming shut from the wind-and risk being locked outside with a naked husband or grab my keys and risk him falling over the railings to certain death. So I ran after husband without the keys. I managed to find him a few flights down and guided him back upstairs, thankfully the door was still open!

    So that was how I found out my husband sleep walks...

  14. Just sending you another huge hug! Glad everything was Ok and that you have lovely neighbours :)

  15. hahaha I'd rather smash a window than walk around my st in my jammies lol But then again, my house is really old and shit.

  16. Poor poor thing!!!! Have always been so scared this would happen (and like you I'd no doubt be bra-less as well) but TOUCH WOOD its yet to eventuate. And I say yet because no doubt it one day will. because I am all sorts of vague. because I often do things like lose my keys/wallet/phone. So its only a matter of time!

  17. oh I may or may not have had to climb in a window once or twice.... or get my youngest brother to do it for me... or shove a kid through the window... ;) lol


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