Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Capture the Cover and win $1000

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It’s baaaa-aaaack! After the success of last year, Yellow Pages’ Capture The Cover Competition is back and I’m super chuffed to be part of it again.

Because plain covers are boring and so 2010, you’re invited to liven up the humble ol' phone book a bit and give them a local flavour. It is happening all over the country and I’ll be helping to spruik the Perth competition. Map Guy’s photograph of yachts at sunset at Hillary’s Boat Harbour was a winner last year and got on our local cover! He now thinks he's a famous photographer...

Map Guy's image is bottom row, centre
But rather than just local pics, this year the Yellow Pages team want to go one step further and are looking for the hidden gems in your community. Places “Only Locals Know”. You know the spots; the tucked away nooks that only the people in the immediate area know. Though I’d suggest you stay away from the tucked away nooks that are frequented at night by necking P platers. People with cameras in those places tend to be frowned upon.

It could be anything, really. The best place to get fish and chips, that park that has the enchanting trees at dawn, the ideal sunset watching spot, you name it, or, er, photograph it as the case may be. As long as it is local, it’s good!

So how do you enter? Head to capturethecover.com and upload your pic. Super simple.

Your image must:
  • Be a .jpg
  • Be the highest quality your camera allows
  • Not show anyone's face
  • Be taken in the region that you live (you’ll be asked your postcode & photo location)
What I really like about this year is that you can enter directly via Instagram, just remember:
  • Take the picture in your local region
  • Include the hashtag #CaptureTheCover and @yellow_au
  • Include the location and your postcode in the caption
There are five awesome judges for the whole competition including Perth photographer Steve Fraser who takes the most stunning landscapes I’ve ever seen. Check the website for some great photography tips - make your pic stand out from the rest and you just might win.

There will be five covers for each of WA's regions and the winner of each cover will receive $1000 and there will be seven runner up prizes of $100.

So go out, start exploring and get snap-happy!

Is there a local gem in your area?

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