Friday, July 5, 2013

Bobbin's Babyshower Day 5 - Hug-a-Bub Baby Carrier

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I am such a fan of Babywearing. When I was buying the necessities for Tricky one of the first things I bought was a Hug-a-bub.

Now I’m the first to agree that they do look hard to put on when you first see them, but after about two or three goes you’ll be an expert. Map Guy and I became proficient in tying it on in seconds and popping our little guy inside. As a newborn we took him out to dinner in it and he slept soundly almost the whole time, feeling safe and cozy as he nuzzled against me.

My favourite things about the Hug-a-bub are:
  • Soft organic cotton
  • Great variety of colours – I have both neutral and black now so I can match it with what I’m wearing!
  • Your hands free to cook dinner, hold on to a toddler… or, um, Tweet
  • Unstructured means they grow with your baby and toddler
  • Skin to skin gives you both an oxytocin boost – the love drug, baby!
  • Wide material supports your back and baby’s (even my dodgy back could handle it) Can breastfeed handsfree and on the move!
I have two of these amazing carriers for one lucky winner (one in raspberry and one in black!) with a combined value of $198. To win answer the following question in the space provided in the entry form below:

How many positions can the Hug-a-bub be worn in? Hint: answer here.

Don’t forget you can enter each giveaway daily and use the share buttons to go in to the drawer to win the Shloer hamper.

See you tomorrow for another awesome prize in Bobbin’s Babyshower Giveaway.

Bobbin’s Babyshower Giveaway graphic modified from a Creative Commons image from NinaMatthews Photography

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