Monday, July 1, 2013

Bobbin’s Babyshower Day 1 - Amby Baby Hammock

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A perfect night’s sleep for you and your baby! Sounds brilliant to me!

If there is one thing that every new parent needs it is rest and sometimes you’ll have a baby that doesn’t make that entirely easy. But the Amby Baby Hammock can help.

Why use an Amby Baby Hammock?
  • Longer sleep duration – fabulous for those 40 minute cat-nappers like Tricky
  • Soothing - gentle movement reminiscent of the womb
  • Helps alleviate positional plagiocephaly (flat head)
  • Swaddle like environment – babies love the close feeling
  • Mesh sides – allows air movement
  • Flexible sleeping arrangements – the Amby Baby Hammock is so light you can move it around wherever you are and even have it right next to your bed for semi-co-sleeping
  • High quality – steel frame won’t bend or rust and the 100% cotton sling is durable, shrink resistant and free from chemical treatments
The Amby Baby Hammock retails for $350 and can be purchased here. I wish I’d had one of these three years ago for my cat-napping Tricky and I cannot wait to try it out on Bobbin.

Win one by answering the following question in the space provided on the entry form:

“Name a condition the Amby Baby Hammock can help” (hint: the answer is here!)

Don’t forget you can enter each giveaway daily and use the share buttons to go in to the drawer to win the Shloer hamper.

See you tomorrow for another awesome prize in Bobbin’s Babyshower Giveaway.

Bobbin’s Babyshower Giveaway graphic modified from a Creative Commons image from NinaMatthews Photography

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