Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Preparing for birth

Recently on The Daily Edition the delightful trio of Woogs, Beth and Kerrie were talking about how some mamas to be are heading out for spray tans so that they look good in those first post-birth pics. Woogs has written before about what real post-birth photos look like and yours truly was in the post and a few of the pics from it, including the one of moi and 5 minute old Tricks were displayed on national television during the segment.

Yup, my non-photoshopped pic featuring lashings of side boob is now famous:

But the whole thing got me thinking about what I'm doing, and more to the point what I'm not doing, to prepare for Bobbin's arrival.

My pre-birth preparations have consisted of the following:
  • Buying black "lounge pants" that I can wear both as PJs and as pants so that when I have visitors come over so I don't actually have to get dressed. They're only a half a step up from trackie dacks but it is a very important half step
  • Finding the disposable underwear Georgia bought me so I don't have to wash knickers (you know what kind of friend buys you disposable undies? The BEST kind!)
  • Choosing between large and jumbo knickers for when the disposables run out
  • Figuring out how many mini mars bars I can fit in my birth bag
  • Getting my hair dyed red - yep, totally vain. Though in my defense I have not had it done in nearly four months and probably won't get a chance to do it for another four months
  • Buying an adorable crocheted toy for Tricky "from Bobbin" from Daisy Roo and Two
  • And the semi-important things like weekly prenatal yoga, clinical pregnancy pilates, raspberry leaf tea, organizing to eat my own placenta, meditation and visualization stuff etc. You know, the slightly-crunchy stuff that I'm all in to
What I haven't done:
  • Got a spray tan - if I look pale and exhausted after giving birth it is highly likely due to the fact that I JUST GAVE BIRTH
  • Got a bikini wax - I do my own waxing and I can't see down there anymore to do it so I'm embracing the natural look. I refuse to "tidy up" for a midwife who has seen it all before a few thousand times
  • Had a facial - this one kinda doesn't count because I'm desperate for a microdermabrasion facial because I have ALL TEH PIMPLES and my T zone is congestion city
  • Removed the clothes airer full of socks and undies from Bobbin's room (note to self: get on to this, pronto)
  • Finished packing my bag - I'll only be away from home overnight so I've just thrown the afore mentioned lounge pants and disposable undies in a bag... I really should get around to adding some nappies and the camera or those post-birth photos won't even exist! But I've got no idea what else to take!
I'm sure I will look appropriately knackered and overjoyed in those first photos, probably with hair hastily tied back in a bun and a sweaty brow like I did in the last lot. And that's OK.

Plus what are Instagram filters for?

Help me! What should I put in my bag for one night? Anything you wished you'd taken with you and forgot or vice versa?

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