Saturday, July 6, 2013

Bobbin's Babyshower Day 6 - Steelcraft Infant Travel System

Riddle me this. Why do babies fall asleep in the car only when you turn in to your own street or driveway? With only a few minutes of sleep they’re never gonna transfer inside with all the unbuckling and picking up and putting down. Plus if your baby is anything like Tricky was, if they wake up after 5 minutes they’re ready and raring to go for another hour unitl suddenly OVERTIRED!

Oh to be able to transfer a babe without waking them. Well, you can, you know. With a Safe-n-Sound and Steelcraft Travel System Infant Carrier.

You secure bub then click the carrier in and out of the car and either carry it around by hand or click it in to your compatible pram (click here to see if your pram is compatible – it’s the bottom row of the table). None of this bending of teeny little arms to get them out the straps and waking them up!

The Travel System Infant Carrier:
  • Is super lightweight
  • Has rear facing position for new babies
  • Includes a canopy for shade
  • Comes in five funky, bold colour options
  • Has an easy one hand release from the car
  • Is comfy with head support, harness pads and crotch buckle cover
To win a Safe-n-Sound Steelcraft Travel System Infant Carrier valued at $329 answer the following question in the space provided on the entry form below:

What approximate age can you use the Travel System Infant Carrier up to? Hint: answer here.

Don’t forget you can enter each giveaway daily and use the share buttons to go in to the drawer to win the Shloer hamper.

See you tomorrow for the last day of Bobbin’s Babyshower Giveaway.

Bobbin’s Babyshower Giveaway graphic modified from a Creative Commons image from NinaMatthews Photography

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