Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Bobbin’s Babyshower Day 2 - Breastmate

Breastfeeding, particularly in the first amazing newborn weeks, is not always easy. Even if you’ve got a “good sleeper” you’re up every few hours feeding and changing bub and you might take on the characteristics of a zombie. Zombie-mama doesn’t always remember which breast she fed from last or how many feeds she has given.

If you’re one of these parents then the Breastmate will become your best mate! It's the perfect breastfeeding aid with its multiple functions and features:
  • Displays date and time
  • Displays and records feeding time on each breast
  • Highlights which breast side to start the feed from when the next feed is due
  • Records a 7 day history of feeding
  • Alarm function for next feed if you’re a routine mama or as a general reminder eg. medication
  • Nightlight
  • Colour changing room thermometer
  • Interchanging face plates to coordinate to your nursery
  • Docking station for ease while feeding and to charge battery
  • Mains or rechargeable battery powered (batteries included) with a battery low warning signal
  • USB port to download info direct to your PC. Information recorded is then displayed on a spreadsheet with graphs to highlight feeding patterns.
Now some of you might be thinking that the last one there is a bit of overkill, but if you’re worried bub is not gaining weight as quickly as he should then you can take this feeding info, add in weight and milestones and print off a report to take to your maternal health nurse to ease your worries.

I have two Breastmates for Bobbin’s Babyshower Giveaway. Win one by answering the following question in the space provided on the entry form:

“How many interchangeable faceplates are there to choose from?” (hint: the answer is here!)

Don’t forget you can enter each giveaway daily and use the share buttons to go in to the drawer to win the Shloer hamper.

See you tomorrow for another awesome prize in Bobbin’s Babyshower Giveaway.

Bobbin’s Babyshower Giveaway graphic modified from a Creative Commons image from NinaMatthews Photography

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