Thursday, October 4, 2012

SEO tips for lazy bloggers

I've never been one for SEO. I mean, what can I promote to search engines? My whinging about nappies? That I'm one of a gajillion women who blog in Australia? I have no real niche so unless I can work in to a post "stuff SAHMs should read for shits and giggles while their kids sleep", I'll just keep plodding along as usual.

The only thing I do that is in any way SEO friendly is the titles of my permalinks, and that function has only been available for a relatively short time now so half the time I forget to do it.

But because I can see my highest ranking posts and the search terms that found them, I've decided to just include the keywords used in them in as many posts from now on as possible, and I highly recommend you should too. It's an SEO goldmine I'm tellin' ya!

These are some of my top posts of all time and the keywords they are found by:

Cold Power Competition - washing smarter. I shit you not. How on earth people find this blog when searching washing advice I have no idea. They'll be very disappointed, that's for sure.

Mappy Birthday - assless chaps. Yes. Think about what type of reader are you trying to attract. If it's one who likes bums, use assless chaps in a sentence today. Don't delay!

10 Reasons I Don't Read Your Blog - why don't people read my blog. Sadly people are reading this and possibly taking it as gospel when in fact it's just me ranting. 

This One Time I Pissed Myself Laughing - jump run leak wee. So I'm kinda proud of this one, it was my first attempt at SEO and it's actually working. It meant 2000 entries (OMG!) and lots of traffic even after it closed.

50 Shades of Torturous Writing - should I read 50 Shades of Grey. Yeah, the whole world is obsessed with it, no surprises there.

5 Reasons Shark Culls Are Bullshit - shark attack shark culls WA. Every time there is another shark attack, the government bangs on about killing sharks. The last person to be killed was actually a friend of a friend, and I still stand by this.

How To Use Chalk To Colour Your Hair - hair chalking. Yep, the coloured hair craze is still going strong.

So there you go. By my very scientific calculations if you write a post called 50 Shades of hair chalk and shark attacks on men in assless chaps who do the washing, leak wee and don't read my blog you will be hitting the SEO JACKPOT! Prepare for the servers to melt.

Do you optimize your posts with keywords? Or think SEO stands for Sugar Eating Opportunity like me?


  1. Jo @ CountrylifeexperimentOctober 4, 2012 at 8:40 AM

    My top search terms are recipes that I have made like Thai Fish Cakes, but for some reason 'When Harry Met Sally' is a top search too. I mentioned it in one post once! I really don't get SEO at all!!!

  2. oh my goodness, hilarious and sad all in one go!
    absolutely love the 'jump run leak wee' (especially since i just exclaimed to my sister out loud in the office, i think i have incontinence!)
    sad, because I have no idea what SEO is all about (hangs head in shame)....

  3. My top search items are "I hate being a mother/mum/mom" because of a single post back in December/January. Somehow, I don't think I'll be using that as my keywords, because that is not at all where I'm going with my blog. Despite appearances ;-)

  4. I ahh don't have a clue what the SEO keywords are so have no idea how to optimize my posts with it. I just keep writing what I am writing. I like to think I know what seo is with the keywords people use to come to my blog but you can only write about those things how many times.
    SEO as sugar eating opportunity is the best lmao.

  5. I've started naming my pictures when I save them which is more about making it easier for me to find them when I'm searching my media files. Does that count as SEO? Because I've got the market cornered on 'Annie' and 'Heidi' then.

  6. I don't care really but I do love to read about it and how a few funny words can lead people to your blog. My top search SEO words ever are Frenchman Peak - accidental and I am sure it is not because they want to visit the iconic peak in WA !


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