Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Big walk = big bucks... hopefully

Princess Margaret Hospital for Children means a lot to my family. My sister spent a lot of her life there, I had countless asthma admissions there, and Tricks has had two surgeries, asthma and allergy admissions there. If it wasn't for the fact that it was a public hospital I reckon we'd be getting a bulk discount right about now.

When my friend's boy was diagnosed with cancer this year I felt impotent. The whole wanting to help but not knowing what to do thing is a bitch of a feeling. So, I figured throwing money at the problem might help somewhat. I could have done a naughty cake sale to raise the cashola, but decided that walking 6km would have to do.

It remains to be seen whether I'll be able to walk 6km non stop what with the whole chronic pain thing. But I figure if kids like Adam can put up with chemo then I can pop a couple of painkillers, get off my fat arse and push through the pain. I might end up on the couch for a week but screw it, I'm gonna do it.

I'm also doing another fun run a few weeks later. Because I'm a dickhead. But if someone could loan me a wheelchair for December, that would be ace.

If you feel like helping the sick kids then you can donate here. If you're going to be in Perth on Sunday the 4th of November and feel like joining in on the action (HAH! Action? Please, it's me we're talking about, this will be a casual stroll!) then join the group here - the password to join is Glowglow. There's a few other bloggers/tweeps already involved but we'd love some more - that way I can hide amongst the group so no one sees me hobbling along. 

We'd like to raise $500 (well actually we'd like to raise a shed load more than that, but we're being realistic) and we're almost half way there already.

On the day you can follow my slow deterioration by checking out the #BigWalkBloggers hashag and then join in the linky that will be hosted here after the event.

Will you support us? I will give you endless love and devotion. 

EDIT: If you join the group it doesn't actually let me know your contact details! Please email me and I will let you know where we're all meeting on the day! It's also not letting me know the contact details of people donating so I'm unable to thank everyone individually. But I can say now, watching the tally go up has me crying happy tears. Thank you so much x


  1. I am feeling a tad retarded.. cannot join group :\

  2. Uh oh! How come? Can you see the little gray "join this team" button above the team logo?

  3. Souffle is okey dokey. Pen-Pen just registered, no probs.

  4. Well done Glow. I'm very impress with you and your team. It must be the time for it, people I know have just cycled from Sydney to Armidale to raise money for the Sydney Children's Hospital.

  5. Figured out why! I tried GlowGlow and glowglow but not Glowglow... can you say retardo?

  6. Well done. You'll do a fantastic job. And thank you! PMH is where we would end up if, god forbid, something serious enough happens to Rosie and the local hospital can't help.

  7. Well done! You'll be great. And thank you. PMH is where we would end up if, god forbid, anything serious enough happened to Rosie and the local hospital couldn't help.


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