Friday, May 4, 2012

Cold Power Wash Smarter Competition

I don't do the weekly laundry in this house... the dashing Map Guy does the bulk of it on a Saturday morning between toddler wrangling and grocery shopping, while I'm having a sleep in. I do nappies and toddler clothes throughout the week, but the rest is all done for me.

It means I've got it pretty good. It also means I can't complain when something goes wrong... like the time he washed my brand new multi coloured skirt with my gorgeous white beaded blouse. Or the time my bra came out of the wash missing an underwire, never to be seen again. I think it went where all the lost socks go.

So I shoved the Cold Power Wash Smarter app in his hands and told him that he should look at it "for blog research purposes". This is win win. I get my clothes washed without turning the whites grey and Map Guy... well, he um, gets knowledge. Knowledge is power. Or Cold Power. Or something. OK, so I come off much better in this scenario than he does.

The app has a heap of laundry tips, a stain guide and even a calculator to show you how much cold hard cash you can save and best of all it's free. Go get it now... I'll wait.

To win a six month supply of Cold Power and a $50 Coles voucher, download the Wash Smarter app and in a comment below tell me
a) What is your favourite Colgate Smart Laundry Tip from the free Cold Power Wash Smarter app, and
b) Describe In 100 words or less your biggest laundry disaster

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Entry is open to Australian residents only. Make sure you sign in to the comment platform with a valid email address/twitter handle or leave your details as part of your comment so you can be contacted. Entries close at 5pm AEST on Friday 18th of May. Winners have one week to reply to notification, failing that, the prize will be redrawn. Enter in to your contacts to make sure it doesn't go through to spam!! Full terms and conditions can be found here.


  1. Where was this app years ago when Jeffy destroyed some of my vintage cardigans and a pair of jeans?! Bless him for trying though I guess...

  2. Jacqui (CRAP Mamma)May 4, 2012 at 11:40 AM

    Hmm I'd say one of the best tips is number 2 - cut ironing time by adding fabric softener (although if you paid some good lookin' fella to do your ironing that could work too...).

    Umm worst washing disaster...where do I begin.....

    When your husband does the wash,
    Keep your expectations low.
    Whites and reds and towels and bras,
    in together they go.

    Everything will come out clean,
    The dirty clothes all wrangled.....but 
    my whites a lovely shade of pink,
    my bras and undies mangled!

  3. definitely pre-treating stains before washing them, nothing worse than getting your clothes off the line and they need washing again! worst disaster would be the red sheets with hubbys white work shirts..ooops!

  4. My favourite smarter tip - wash by soil level - wash heavily soiled (read MUDDY) garments separately as soil travels from one garment to another.

    If only the wash boy would get this !

    My biggest laundry disaster when one of us (I think HIM because he never checked the pockets) washed my $900 near new hearing aid  - was my fault for putting in my pocket. Stuffed it completely. I keep the $6000 BAHA well clear of the washing and pockets.

  5. By far my worst disaster was washing a load full of clothes with a nappy everything was pretty much ruined, tried rewashing, hanging on the line, rewashing, dryer, lint remover :(  We ended up with a lots of play clothes and rags!

  6. Pre-treating is my life. Happy to see it's right up there in terms of advice!
    My worst laundry disaster? I may have accidentally washed my brand new red silk dress with some other dresses...which resulted in a hideous tie-dye/random pattern of red blotches all over that load and the silk dress was ruined. I still haven't had the nerve to tell the designer who made the dress, because he'll roll into the foetal position under his cutting table and never come out. It's not worth the honesty. The red dress hangs, dejected, in my wardrobe to torment and shame me on a regular basis.

  7. I always sort colours but really coulda used this app and this fab laundry tip for my "disaster" below lol. Sort your laundry before you wash, Soil can travel from one garment to another so wash heavily soiled garments separately.

    Miss 5 (now 7) had a fab day at kindy with a painting & bloody glitter glue fest for easter..... I wash her tshirt and shorts and OMG its like walking into a 70's disco fest, Glitter EVERYWHERE, every single item of clothing had glitter on it, it took 7 washes and drying to get rind of most of the glitter but for months after I would still get the odd glisten as I open my disco machine.

  8. Do they have an android app? I couldn't seem to download the app :(

  9. My favourite tip: pre-treat stains before you wash.  So sensible and easy, but sometimes I've forgotten to do it, and have had to wash the item again!

    My washing disaster: Was in a rush to wash and dry the clothes before the rains started, and did the awful mistake of not checking the pockets... After the washing machine finished the load, to my horror I notice that ALL the clothes and towels had glitter on them, as my daughter had stuffed her jeans pockets with glitter so she could sprinkle "fairy dust" on her friends!  Arrggg!

  10. Yay I finally managed to access the tips. My favourite tip was to dissolve the washing powder first in top loaders by filling half with water, then adding the powder. I honestly didn't even know you could do this.

    My worst laundry disaster was when I thought I would be really good and do a hot soak of all my white clothes in nappisan, then wash on hot in the machine. But I forget to make sure the machine waas completely empty and I did the hot wash with a brand new navy blue sock. All my whites were ruined with a gray/blue colour which I couldn't shift!

  11.  Sorry forgot to add email

  12. I like the tip for avoiding laundry powder happens all the time on my black work skirt!

    My disaster was done to me, not by me. My former flat mate was on a bender one night and spilt red wine all over one of my lounge cushions. Instead of treating the stain, he put the WHOLE cushion in the washing machine!!!! The stain came out, but the cushion was destroyed. I ended up having to buy a new lounge. Not.Happy.Jan.

  13. a..My  favourite Colgate Smart Laundry Tip  -  sort your laundry before you wash ( not after ).

    b..My biggest laundry disaster is washing my favourite white shirt with my son's red T shirt.I had no clue that colour from my son's red t shirt can bleed and it can make my white shirt pink.  That was the biggest disaster which is still embedded in my memories...

  14. A. My work uniform went from spill-anything-on-it-and-nobody-will-notice red to...white. Since wearing the new stain magnet I've managed to keep it crisp and bright thanks purely to the Wash Smarter App.

    B. My biggest laundry disaster was trying to whiten the above mentioned splash attracters as they had started to turn grey and develop yelloing under the arms. Google's first remedy was to use bleach. It wasn't until I read the second suggestion that said bleach will set the stains into the fabric that I thought I might need to find a new job.

  15. Pre treating stains before washing is a must in this house.
    My daughter was told her jacket is not warm enough for kinder so I handed over her (sort of new) Coat. First day home from Kinder it is completely covered in purple and black paint. Not Happy Jan!!!

  16. The pre-sorting tip is my favourite, particularly as it was the cause of my washing disaster!  A brand new cotton bath mat (dyed bright blue) went into a load of mine and my partner's clothes, I still cringe thinking about it!  Of course, being a load of clothes we'd just worn, it meant many favourites were ruined.  I thought at the time that it might not be so bad if the colour came out even, but of course it didn't, it looked like an extremely amateur tie-dye attempt.

    kate1485 at hotmail dot com

  17. My favourite tip is pre-treat stains
    Try and remove all the 'yuck' that remains
    With three kids aged seven and under
    The laundry's a nightmare, is it any wonder?
    There's uniforms, pj's, undies and jeans
    In hues of blacks, greys, orange, greens!
    When one round is over, another begins
    My washing machine's dizzy, oh how she spins!
    It's a never-ending cycle, worse in winter of course
    Without a dryer, they need to dry on the horse.
    The biggest disaster? when a tissue remains
    And I'm left to remove the fluff, its the BIGGEST of pains!!!

  18. WINNER! Keep an eye on your email Jacqui :)


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