Friday, June 8, 2012

The Weekend Whine - Episode 4

Wanna link up your ranty post? Go for it! Stick this button on your post and come whine with me.
Where’s My Glow?


  1. Thankyou for another Weekend Whine you Wonderful Witty Woman.I needed that laugh.xx

  2. Brilliant!  As always!  O.M.G!  

    What do you mean private FB groups?  What are they? ;-P

  3. I am in SEVEN private FB groups so that my friends don't have their timelines filled with my endless dribble. My groups are for allergies, craniosynostosis, blogging, social, and even one that is a memorial group for a friend who passed away where we all share our grief and memories.

  4. Cheers, Deb. Seeing it in the light of day (and sober) I'm now concerned that it'll be taken the wrong way :(

  5. Those of us who know and love you wont take it the wrong way.We know your wonderful sense of humour xx

  6. You know, I really had a crush on you until you drank that burboun. Blergh. That stuff is gross and stinks.

    I have no idea what private FB groups are. Then again, I'm really not active enough on there to warrant knowing.

    I wonder what kind of shiny fruit I am? I really hope it's a banana....

  7. Crap, your drink ended - hope you rectified that quickly ;)
    Love as always, agree, as always. Respect!

  8. So quickly that the bottle didn't know what hit it x

  9. *blocks ears* I'm not listening la la la la la


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