Monday, June 4, 2012

Letter to Tricky - Two Years Old

Hey Trickster!

How on earth are you two years old already?! I swear it was only a few months ago that I was busy planning your first birthday party, and yet here we are.

Once again, you've put us through the emotional wringer, most recently with four trips to hospital in the past three and a half weeks. You got to have a ride in an ambulance, but once you were stabilized you were very sleepy from having to work so hard to breathe, so you missed most of it. I half wanted to prod you and point out that we were in a "nee naw".

You're doing so well at using your ventolin with your Super Space Man Mask and you take meds like a pro... well you do after initial attempts to turn your head or run away screaming. But once you have it, you drink it up and promptly ask for more... which is both hilarious and disconcerting at the same time.

You've been going to speech therapy because you have a mild language delay. You have so many words that we've lost count, but you just don't say them very often! When you do decide to speak, you'll often whisper a word until you feel more confident with it. Such a perfectionist! What you don't say, you sign, so you can definitely make it known what you're thinking.

One word you definitely don't have a problem with is no. Funny that. Your Perth Nana says "Do you wanna go to rehab?" and you sing "Nooo, nooo, no!". It's so wrong and yet so cute at the same time.

Everything about your physicality makes me smile. The fact that you don't walk any more, you strut (such 'tude!), the way you join in on the dancing at music time, the way you jump and do somersaults on the trampoline... and the way you have a really good sleep afterwards.

I tried to make you a birthday cake. After the success of last year, I realize that every cake from now on has to be bigger and better... so this year you got a Fire Engine Birthday Cake:

I know, I can't quite believe I made it, either.

Thank you for another amazing year, my boy, here's to another one.

Love Mama and Dad xxx

P.S. Here's your obligatory birthday montage:

Tomorrow, to celebrate Tricky's  birthday the OMG I Can't Believe He's Two Mega Giveaway will be launching with over $1000 of prizes, be sure to come have a look and enter!


  1. Happy Birthday Tricky!!!  
    That cake is amazing!!! I'm not sure how you're going to top that... perhaps next year you'll have to make a croquembouche!!  Can't wait for the giveaway extravaganza to begin!!!

  2. Happy Birthday to your gorgeous little Tricky. I remember writing my boy's two year old letter like it was yesterday. This week I'm picking up school enrolment forms, *sniff* It goes so freaking fast. PS That cake is awesome.

  3. Happy Birthday Tricky.

    Your mamma is amazing.


  4. I'll say it again, that cake is freaking amazing!

  5. Happy Birthday, Tricky. He's a champ and you know it. I wish you all a better year ahead xoxo

  6. very sweet.  Happy birthday Tricks.

  7. Happy Birthday Tricky!
    God your mum is talented! Cake looks ah-mazing Glow!!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  8. What a gorgeous and precious boy you have there <3

  9. It is so beautiful to read your words of love for your wonderful little Tricky.Yes time goes by so fast.They tell us that when they are born but for some reason we dont really believe them till suddenly our precious bubs are not our babies anymore.
    My girl turned 18 not long ago and I can say from deep in my soul it does go by way way too fast.Enjoy every moment you can because before you know it they are no longer needing you in a way you love to be needed.
    I feel the joy you have in your life with your gorgeous boy and it makes me smile.
    Have an amazing year two and I cant wait to see the cake for year three.
    You did an incredible job and he will look back on those cakes in years to come and be so proud of the effort and the love his super mum put into them.xx 

  10. Happy Happy Happy Birthday to you tricky! xxx
    OMG! The cake can you make mine { Um its in 3 weeks}  just sayin hehehe

  11. whiningattheworldJune 6, 2012 at 7:16 PM

    Happy birthday Tricky. Great cake. Well done.

  12. I reckon I'll just get a real fire engine and stick a candle on it which will then be extinguished by said fire engine. BEST MUM EVER!

  13. Ooooh *sniff sniff* I'm doing so much reminiscing this week about his first birthday *sniff sniff* and his birth. Waaaaaaaaa.

  14. I was impressed with myself. Showed my cake class, where we've only been doing flowers, and they were all whipping out their huge wedding cakes so it kinda put a dampener on it :P Haha! x

  15. Thanks, Rhonda. I'm thinking zero hospital admissions this year would be ace.

  16. Thanks Ai!!!! Was so fun to make :)

  17. I am still amazed by how much you can love such a tiny human being. I cannot get enough of him (you know, when he's not chucking a tantrum) x

  18. Thanks, Deb, your words always bring a smile to my face :) xxxxx

  19. I think it might be hard to courier it to you! Hahaha :)

  20. Thank you! I loved making it... now to plan for next year!

  21. Have you seen this? Pretty much sums it up huh?


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