Monday, June 11, 2012

How to make a fire engine birthday cake in 10 easy steps

So your kid is about to have a birthday and you want to impress him/her with a fire engine birthday cake but aren't quite sure how to do it? This post... um... well, it won't really be that helpful. Sorry about that. 

Step 1: Trawl the internet looking for inspiration. Get distracted by clips on YouTube of $10,000 wedding cakes and cakes the shape of Sydney Opera House

Step 2: Make a little fondant fireman that is so cute you hyperventilate at the thought of anyone eating him. Name him Freddy and update him on the progress of the cake as you go. Don't tell anyone you do this

Step 3: Make a fire hydrant that looks like the ones you see in movies. When anyone tells you that fire hydrants in Australia don't look like that, give them a death stare and tell them artistic license means you can create whatever damn fire hydrant you want

Step 4: Bake the cake, make the ganache. Cover the former with the latter and try really hard not to lick the knife. Fail miserably. 
Step 5: Create little pressure gauges, wheels, and number plates. Use gel colour, thinned down with vodka and watch everyone's eyes go wide when they come in and see you sitting there with a bottle of vodka and a shot glass on the bench

Step 6: Take a swig of the vodka, might as well, everyone thinks you already have

Step 7: Cover the cake with a shed load of bright red fondant and use edible glue to stick all the pieces on

Step 8: Take a bajillion photos and put them all over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to show off - buy a new hat to disguise how much your head has swollen

Step 9: Melt in to a giant mushy puddle as you watch your kid's face light up when he sees it and feel like the best mum in the world. Immediately forget how many times the bloody rungs fell off the ladder and the handle came off the fire bucket

Step 10: Cry a little bit when it's time to cut the cake and all your hard work is completely destroyed. Get over it when you taste the cake and realize it tastes just as good as it looks. Start planning for next year because it has to be bigger and better


  1. Oh that cake looks fab , Glow. Nice work ! Happy Birthday Tricky.

  2. That cake is so fantastic that I am motivated to learn how to work with fondant. You did good Mumma Glow.

  3. That looks awesome.. that smile on Tricky's face says it all.. PERFECT CAKE for his birthday!! It looks friggging awesome.. you should be proud!!!!! xx Well done Glowless!! Hope you had an awesome time celebrating his birthday! xx

  4. That cake is amazing!  Fire hydrants look just like that here in America!

  5. OR...bake a slab cake, cover it in chocolate icing, print a picture of a fire engine from the internet, laminate and shove on top of said slab cake!

    Yeah, I know yours is better!  Great job! :)

  6. Thanks, Trish. Thinking of you and sending love xxx

  7. Thanks, Yvette! We had a lovely, low key affair at the park with my inlaws. Was great x

  8. D'oh! Although so nice to think my cake helped cheer him up! xx

  9. Thanks, Rhonda! I will post it to you... it will be a crumbled soggy mess by the time it gets there.

  10. TOTALLY WINNING IDEA! Kids are happy with anything because it's cake!

  11. I came across your blog after my almost 3 year old asked for a fire engine cake for his party next week. That cake is fantastic! Trying to work out whether I am kidding myself to think at it looks achievable...Anyway, I've bookmarked your page as inspiration!

    I should add that's 7.20am on a Sunday and I'm on the iPad looking at cakes and both children are buried in my Women's Weekly children's cake books so there's considerable cake related excitement around here!


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