Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Hunger Games: Toy Sale Style {Plus Giveaway}

Standing outside Target tonight, waiting for the doors to open for their toy sale was a little daunting. I surveyed the scene: women everywhere, a few men and a handful of children in PJs (really?) chomping at the bit, waiting for the doors to open. It was trolley vs trolley with every bargain hunter out for themselves. Kinda like the Hunger Games but for mothers who didn't want to pay full price for Fisher Price.

I've never been to a sale opening before because I've always been intimidated by them. I still am. It's pretty safe to say if I go to another one, I'll be taking Georgia from Parental Parody along with me for protection. The woman is fierce and has a black belt in shopping.

To stretch the analogy much further than is reasonable, she was my Katniss, effortlessly navigating her way around the store. By the time I had one item in the trolley for my one kid she had ticked off most of her list, picked up some impulse bargains along the way and had most of her shopping done for her three kids and a handful of nieces and nephews to boot.

I pushed our trolley, looking vague and wondering where the one item on my list was kept while wanting to shout to people "These aren't all for my one child! It's a combined trolley... I promise! DON'T JUDGE ME!" only to see that their trolleys were just as full as mine and, more importantly, that they really didn't give a shit what I was doing at all. Except for when I was taking photos... then they just stared at me wondering why I would be taking a photo of a grown woman on a skateboard. You know what, I don't really know either.

We accidentally destroyed Barbie displays, and tweeted it, played a quick round of Marco Polo (how else do you find someone in a crowded store?!), and tweeted it, and posed for pictures on motorbikes and next to dolls... and, you guessed it, tweeted it. We almost got #boganken trending but sadly, #malibuken won out. It must have been his shiny golden locks and lack of flanno shirt.

The whole event has led me to the conclusion that mummy bloggers should never be allowed to shop together at a sale, Georgia should never be let out of the house and I shouldn’t be allowed to make crappy Hunger Games analogies.

If you’d like a chance to win a $50 Target Gift Voucher then click here to enter through Facebook. This is only a quick giveaway and closes on Sunday so the winner can use the voucher at the sale!

A: Cannot take her anywhere without destroying things
B: Doll version of me with "Magic Hair"
C: Four hot chicks
D: Major lines at Lay-Buy within minutes
E: R2D2 lovin'
F: Tricky's Christmas presents - art easel, paints and crayons
G: The shopping trolley full of Georgia's toys
H: Employee of the whole freakin' year, Tim. This guy was so nice, let me take his pic for the blog
I: The longest receipt ever. A tree died just for that receipt.

Disclaimer: I was not paid for the post. Target sent me some vouchers to use
and invited me to the VIP opening with no obligation to blog


  1. OMG!!!! It worked! It worked! The app worked!!!!!!! :D
    Looks like alot of fun was had last night.... I'd totally forgotten there was even a sale on. I wonder if it's worth me risking checking it out today :-S It could be completely insane!

  2. It was like Hunger Games at my local store too, women pushing and shoving, no one giving way and god forbid if you looked at their trolley too closely - I think one lady was ready to defend her toys using force. Scary scary!

  3. It was awesome. I did freak out a little when I lost my toys...I mean you...ahem. And only once did I step in front of someone to get to a toy. Apologies to the elderly gentleman who was looking bewildered, most likely having mistaken the late night crowds for the usual Thursday night extended trading hours.

    PS - Your hair is way more magic than Moxie Girls xxx

  4. I am staying well clear of target for a few days. I just don't do crazy mums with toys.

  5. Who was Peeta? Was it the Target sales assistant?

  6. Opening sales are great. Being in a wheelchair makes everything easier. Everybody makes way and helps where they can :)

  7. Now I'm wondering if you checked it out or not - did you go spend up big?

  8. We tried to get a trolley and saw one standing empty in the aisle so we approached it... BIG mistake. HUGE!

  9. And my eyebrows too. Moxie got nothin' on me.

  10. I don't blame you! They were like animals! I hung back and took photos of them :P

  11. Is it wrong that I kinda wanna hire a wheelchair for sales now? :)



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