Friday, March 2, 2012

FlogYoBlog Friday: The OMG it's March Edition

Floggers, I'm in a panic! I blinked and all of a sudden it is March. MARCH!!!

I swear it was only a week ago that I was ringing in the new year with a game of Yahtzee, cos that's how I roll (the dice), and now it is March and I'm in a tizz.

March means it's only three months until Tricky is two and, more pressingly, less than a month to DPCON12! Squee!

Time to figure out what you want to get out of the conference, where you're staying, who you're roomie is and, of course, what you're wearing.

But before you do any of that, let's have a little Flog.

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  1. I've worked out what I'm wearing the Conference day, but I'm staying a few nights and don't know what else to wear! I got too fat for my clothes.

    I'm hoping this year will be easier for me, now that I've already met a few people. I might actually get to listen to stuff instead of crying in my room like a baby lol

  2. Becky from BeckyandJamesMarch 2, 2012 at 7:32 AM

    I can't believe it's March already, either. I always thought adults were a big daft with their "the years go so FAST when you're older" turns out they were right (who knew?).

    I wish I was preparing for DPCON12, I will just have to live through the Tweets and IG pics, I guess.

  3. I had almost that exact sentence in there and I deleted it! We must be old now, huh?!

  4. I know what I'm wearing to the dinner... because I got a new dress for bunch of weddings recently :)

  5. Unfortunately all my conference attendances will be in England. They will b e great, but I would love to venture farther afield!

  6. And only 10 days till my birthday... best be getting all those presents sent.

    The conference?  Shit, I am wearing a garbage bag.  Probably.

  7. I have no idea what I am wearing but my accessories will be you girls.


  8. Leanne Shea LangdownMarch 2, 2012 at 8:57 AM

    DPCON12! Squeeeeeee.  
    I am still trying to find my "ticket" so I can work out if I booked in for the conference dinner or not.  Yikes! Good news is my accommodation is sorted (thanks Mad Mother) and I have flights. Woo hooooo. Now, what to wear? 

  9. It's all inclusive this year so your ticket gets you everything. The only thing you need to book in for are the workshops because they're limited numbers when the whole group splits :)

  10. Ahh sadly I'm not going to the conference... but that's what I love about blogging.  I can live vicariously through others!  Have fun at the conference on my behalf and don't forget to blog it! :)

  11. Like Cinders, I SHALL be going to the ball .. but I have no idea what I will be wearing, or how I shall get there. Or where I will be staying. I have even had the ex pull the:  'Oh but I have a conference that weekend' trick. But it is HIS weekend with the kids, so I shall be leaving him to sort that one out, as I have had to do many times in the past. Bless the little ones. But he does have a wife and a mother who can look after them and I have no one somehow I shall be there, even if I have to climb into someone's luggage to get there. (Shh don't tell ..,.)

  12. My eyes just popped out of my head when you said 'only three months until Tricky turns 2' because of course that means that the Smiling tiger is also almost 2 and he can't be 2, he just can't!! Waaahhhhhhhh!!!!!


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