Saturday, March 24, 2012

How Not To Ruin Easter For Your Child

This is a sponsored post - but it's more of a community service announcement
about how NOT to tell your kids about the Easter Bunny. You're welcome.

You know how you have those defining moments in your life that you can recall back in vivid detail like it was yesterday? Well the Easter of 1988 was one of those defining moments for me...

I don't have access to a squiggly fade and airy music, so you'll just have to picture that for yourself while I stare dreamily off in to space as is the norm for any flashback.

Picture a six year old (adorable) Glow waking on Easter morning full of excitement. There was no sluggish yawning and stretching like there is now, it was instantaneous waking and bolting to the lounge room in my truly, truly outrageous Gem jimjams to see if the Easter Bunny had been.

My eyes practically bulged out of my head at the sight of all the chocolate and the giant bites out of the carrot we'd left out for him. HE HAD BEEN!!! HE HAD BEEN!!!

Brightly coloured foil covered eggs in a basket, a chocolate rabbit and... oh my... a note!

I picked it up carefully and examined it the little card. A hand drawn carrot on the front and inside it read:

"Dear Glow,
I love carrots! Yum!
Love The Easter Bunny" 

My face sank, there was a problem... it was my mother's handwriting.

Instantly I became a sobbing mess as it dawned on me that if the Easter Bunny wasn't real, then maybe, just maybe, that fat bloke at Christmas wasn't real either.

I was devastated. Easter was ruined (well for five minutes before I was distracted with the chocolate).

Let my (fluffy bunny cotton) tail tale of woe be a lesson to you. DO NOT write letters from The Easter Bunny yourself if your child is old enough to recognize your writing. Instead, you can get coupons for great Easter bargains like personalized mugs, Easter baskets and, more importantly, personalized letters from the Easter Bunny!

Do not ruin Easter, find online codes here and learn from my mother's mistake.
Nyeerrrr, what's up, Blog?

How did you find out about the Easter Bunny? Or have I just ruined Easter for you with this post?


  1. Gem was sooo much more awesome than Barbie. Makes me heart you even more knowing that you were a Gem girl too. Awesomely Glowing word play throughout. And I assume this is the costume you'll be sporting for dinner on Wednesday night, yes?

  2. That's how I found out that Santa wasn't real! I remember thinking "Geez Dad, you couldn't change up the handwriting slightly just for one day?" Oh well, not the worst way to find out I suppose, at least it shows they were trying!

  3. I was a cynical child, so at the age of five, as I tucked into my easter eggs sitting next to my mum, I simply stated, Mum, your'e Easter Bunny.  She replied yes. So, I went on, you're Santa too.  Yep she said.  And just like that I knew.  I still got easter eggs, I still go santa gifts. 
    I used special handwriting for all fairy, santa and bunny notes with my own kids, but they are both in the know now too.
    I want to see those bunny ears at the conference too! 

  4. Haha I know, right? How hard is it to do it a bit differently for ONE DAY!

  5. Don't make me choose between Gem and Barbie. It can't be done.

  6. I was so naive. Every 'truth' gutted me... am now a cynical adult :) 

  7. Haha! You must have been a smart little kiddie because I was just thinking the other day how I didn't notice Mum's handwriting on Santa's handwritten gift labels on Christmas mornings. I must have been doing too much ripping and not enough reading for a few years there!

  8. I was the same Jess! I always forgot to look at the cards, just let me see what is inside the paper!!


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