Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A week in tweets

The fabulous Emma from Mommy Has A Headache (and one half of Cocktails at Naptime) demanded I take part in let me know about the awesome meme created by Jo of Slummy Single Mummy - a week in tweets - complete with funky badge. I don't do anything these days unless I get a badge... I'm like a misguided Girl Scout or something.

Without further ado, this is what the last seven days would look like if I was restricted to one tweet a day. Can you imagine me only tweeting once a day? Yeah, me neither.
In Sydney today for the #NortonOne shindig at Café Sydney. This blogging thing rocks my socks… in this case, anti DVT flight socks.

Bought some Max Brenner pecans to take home for Map Guy… they didn’t make it. What can I say? The bald man has great nuts #DontTellMapGuy

Tricky is unwell and appears to be afraid of snot -cries whenever he wipes his nose. Is this what is meant by the boogie monster? #KillMeNow

Sitting at home with wine, cheese, olives and a looming deadline. Boy do I know how to party! #AllWorkAndNoPlayMakesGlowUseLongHashtags

Just been to the BEST vintage/retro/rockabilly inspired wedding! Congratulations @WondersOfAllis! You looked divine #WonderWedding (yes, I gave my friends a wedding hashtag)

This getting up at the crack of dawn on a Sunday can go bite me. Meanwhile I will go bite the buttermilk pancakes, bacon and maple syrup I just made #NOMS

Kinda chuffed with my first ever attempt at cake decorating #frangipanis #GlowMakesCakes #FondantOverload 

I could put a call to action question here about your week, but really, all I want to know is that you think my cake looks amazeballs


  1. A-MAZE-BALLS. Awesome meme. Might be a bandwagon jumper. Great way to restrict the amount of drivel that I produce. 

  2. That cake is totally amazeballs! Those frangipanis look fantastic!

  3. Heheheh, you can live tweet every party I throw then! :-p

  4. You know that your cakes rock. I was impressed with the thirtieth one you did. I may even have based my 2-year-old's birthday cake on it. #justsayin'

  5. Pecans, wine, cheese, olives...you sound like my kind of girl!

  6. Jade_Oh_AntipodesMarch 27, 2012 at 5:49 PM

    Well, I think the cake DOES look amazeballs, Glow! Loving your week in Tweets, sounds like a pretty good week to me!

  7. Your cake is amazeballs. A week in tweets is hilarious too! Sounds like it was a hoot of a week (apart from the snot balls)

  8. proper lush looking cake that

  9. Do it :) See you next Tuesday for the link up

  10. Yaaay! I shall be your social media promoter

  11. Candied pecans covered with cocoa dust FTW!

  12. Was a brilliant week, Jade, so much fun!

  13. Minus the snot being wiped on me, it was brilliant :)

  14. Thanks Glen, tasted awesome too - soaked the fruit in brandy and cab sav!!

  15. Your life is way more exciting than mine! Would love to have gone to a vintage/retro/rockabilly wedding with a massive quiff on my head (I used to be a rockabilly for about 6 months in 1985!!). And your cake is totally A-AMAZE-BALLS

  16. Love your cake decorating lady! Awesome frangipanis! Envy!

  17. Sounds like a fab week, especially the #wonderwedding (and the cake is awesome!)

  18. Thanks so much for joining in! Loving the long hastags :-)


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