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She Did What!? Wednesday - By I'd Rather Be Running

She Did What When She Was Pregnant -By I'd Rather Be Running

In order to alleviate some of the man bashing *ahem* I mean change topic on the quaint stories that are being told about the stupid things are beloved men folk do, I thought I’d tell some of the Einstein-esque type moments I’ve had when I am pregnant. I usually pride myself on being a fairly together, none-klutz, none-stupid person. Pregnancy does away with that.

My pregnancy with Mini-Bear saw several highlights in addition to the general “Ah duh, does anyone know where my brain has gone” moments. The best one was standing at the front door of our house, pressing the remote central locking button on my car keys with one hand and turning the door handle unsuccessfully with my other hand. For FIVE WHOLE MINUTES.

I got lots of words mixed up when I was speaking, like at 6am on a Spring morning, “Honey, can you hear the Kangaroos laughing?”, clearly meaning Kookaburras. This led husband and I to decide that I probably wasn’t losing my smarts, the knowledge was all there, it was just the search engine that was stuffed. Native animal, check. Starts with K, check. Wrong name, check. Husband likened me to operating with Yahoo instead of Google.

Now with my second pregnancy, the stupid moments are continuing. I was cleaning the lid of an apple tea box over the kitchen sink when it came off and the dry leaves fell out. No problemo, I can fix that I thought. Just wash them on down. And then spend oodles on the call out fee to the plumber who unchocks the swollen leaves from the s-bend. Oops.

I’ve been told worse stories by my OB’s nurse. Like the lady who was 8 months pregnant and misplaced her very expensive pearl earrings given to her by her husband. She turned the house upside down but to no avail. And then found them, when the baby was 6 months old. IN THE FREEZER. Behind the corn cobs. With a pair of her shoes. She was blissfully unaware she’d put them there after a night out when she was getting ready for bed. Of course!

So I have another 5 months to survive the brain drain. Excellent. Then I’ll have the breast-feeding mush brain to deal with. Last time when Mini-Bear was one week old, I washed the milk expressing equipment in a sink of soapy dishwater, handheld electric pump and all. I’ll never forget the look on the community nurse’s face when I told her that one.

What silly things have you done when you were pregnant or breast-feeding?
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The delightful, up-the-duff Emma is from I'd Rather Be Running where she blogs about life, motherhood and the fact that she'd rather be running.

You can find snippets on marathon running while pregnant (not her own), depression, medication wrangling, working in health research, looking after a super cute kid and how to juggle that with finishing a PhD. Ya huh, she's a smart one.

She also has a bunny, it's not listed in her profile, but it should be. It's extremely cute.

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*Please note S/He Did What!? Wednesday has never been about "man bashing" and everyone has been encouraged to share stories that are eye roll worthy about people in their lives, be they male or female.


  1. Love the comment about running on Yahoo instead of Google! I fell prego for the second time when No1 was only 6 months. So I basically had nearly 3 years of Baby Brain. I'm still recovering...Hang in there and if you loose anything, check the freezer!

  2. When I was pregnant with my (now 15m/o) son, I had a panic moment when I couldn't find the remote to unlock my car.

    I don't have a car. I don't even have a license. 

  3. BAhahaha, so hilarious, including Kellie's. I don't care what the books say, baby brain DOES exist!


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