Monday, October 17, 2011

Protect a Bed (and Your Sanity) - giveaway

Aaaages ago I went to a Blogger’s Brunch in Melbourne. One of the products I picked up while I was there was a Protect-a-Bed mattress protector for a cot.

Now because I want a review to be a real review I got it out and washed it to be ready. But it was still a little strong smelling (possibly to do with my hippy detergent), so one more go through the machine with the next load and we were in business. Right, we'll have this show on the road now... or so I thought.

I put it on Tricky’s bed and waited. And waited. And waited some more. I wasn’t happy to just tell you how it had worked when I saw it demonstrated with a bag of liquid that looked like a breast implant because that doesn’t really tell you much (other than that bags of protective fabric with water in them make me think of boobs). We need real world examples or a review is pointless. So I kept waiting. I waited MONTHS such is my dedication to bringing you a genuine review. You're welcome.

I’m loathe to talk about my child’s bodily functions in detail. I don’t think it’s necessary. We all know what comes out of babies and toddlers – describing the minutiae of it (particularly on your Facebook page) is rather disturbing. So I’m going to do this in a rather round about way.

Tricky wasn’t well at the beginning of last week… in a Holy-Crap-I-Have-To-Strip-The-Bed-At-2am-And-Put-You-In-The-Sink-To-Change-Your-Clothes kinda way. This is normally quite closely followed by the Why-On-Earth-Did-I-Have-Children bang head against the wall maneuver. I’m sure you understand.

Middle of the night sanity saver

I’d been waiting to test out the bed protector with the leaks that sometimes occur with a cloth nappy and a lot of drinks before bed but woah, did I put this thing through it’s paces.

I stripped the bed and thanks to the protector, Tricky’s mattress was there, clean as the day it was bought and even smelling fresh much to my surprise!

So the waterproof and stain barrier function get gigantic rainbow ticks of approval from me - especially because in the move of sheets from bed to washing machine you don't have to worry about anything leaking or dripping down your leg on to your carpet. I'm shuddering at the thought.

The online brochure suggests it would be great against accidental spills too, like a knocked over cup of coffee... but I'm going to suggest you don't give your baby a cup and saucer of coffee at any time, let alone in their cots (a sippy cup, is fine though, obviously).

I’ve got one of these dustmite protecting, coffee repelling, waterproof, breathable, ultra comfy Quilted Cotton Fitted Cot Mattress Protectors to give away thanks to the generous folk at Protect-a-bed (read more details about the features here)! If your little one is still in a cot or you have a friend up the duff and would like to win a pressie for her, tell me below if there was one thing you would never give your child to eat because of the “result” what would it be. DO NOT TELL ME THE RESULT!

For an extra entry you can tweet about it then come back here and leave another comment saying you did (it goes by numbers, each comment is an entry!). If you can't comment email me.

You can also follow Protect-a-Bed on Facebook on Twitter

Entry is open to Australian residents only. Entries close at 10pm AEDST on Monday 24th October 2011 at which time a winner will be chosen using a random number generator. Make sure you sign in to the comment platform with a valid email address/twitter handle or leave your details as part of your comment so you can be contacted. Winner has one week to reply to notification, failing that, the prize will be redrawn. The prize is provided by Protect-a-Bed and is not transferable.  


  1. We're beginning to work out that corn doesn't mix well with our 10mo little stomach.. whoops..

  2. I found giving our middle boy dairy was a bad thing during his early years.

  3. I honestly can't think of anything! It doesn't matter what he eats, it still manages to escape sometimes! And the amount of wee... I didn't know such a little boy could hold so much wee!

  4. I'm not pregnant, and I'm not a mum, but my one-day-to-be SIL has a nearly 11mo AND is "UTD"

    and her lil boy has just started taking his nappy off and doing unmentionable things with unmentionable contents... a protector would surely come in handy :p

  5. I need that for my midnight snacking

  6. Fresh beetroot...the colour is disturbing.

  7. I'm only just pregnant with my first so am not yet fully clued up on what shouldn't enter a kid's digestive system, but if the daddy-to-be's "unmentionables" are any indication, I'm in for a mess regardless of food. But I guess I'd steer clear of apricots, for one.
    This is my first entry ever in a baby product giveaway. Exciting!

  8. And now tweeted :)!/emmamayall/status/125865130385874944

  9. My little one is only 12 weeks old so breastmilk is all she gets for now. I have been told that feeding blueberries marks for some I interesting results though ;)

  10. The baby books told me to stay away from one type of bananas to avoid the shock of how the "result" might look. Now, was it ripe or unripe bananas? Can't remember!
    Either way, potty training is in my not-too-distant future (for toddler, not me) so I guess this protector would come in handy!

  11. I have used this protector and I can tell it is a good one, well may not perfect but it is definitely more useful than more of them! Good Luck!

  12. Beetroot or licorice do strange things ... visually... I thought my child was very unwell! Also causes stains. (Trying not to give TMI here)!

  13. My 7 month old is just exploring foods- lots of strings in his nappy after banana.  Not a pretty sight.


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