Friday, October 7, 2011

FlogYoBlog Friday: The Nipple Edition

Hiya Floggers!

Now I'm no fashion blogger but when I saw this intricately detailed dress (if you can call a breast plate and a garter belt a dress?) by British designer Rachel Freire this week I thought it looked rather pretty.

Gorgeous little rosettes made from... nipples. Cow and yak nipples to be exact.

There is quite a bit of controversy around it and the whole debacle got me thinking about, well, nipples. So I've created a list of some of the most memorable nip slips for your viewing pleasure, hot on the heels of the shitstorm on Twitter about extended breastfeeding last night because heaven forbid anyone get a flash of nipple outside the bedroom.

Jessica Alba feeling the cold

Tara Reid quite obviously not feeling anything

Serial offender Lindsay Lohan

Fembot. Machine gun jubblies, baby

Nipplegater extraordinaire Janet Jackson

Alexandra Kerry proving that sheer isn't always a good choice

Nancy Grace should have been Dancing with the Bras

So there you have it. Nipples. Not so scary are they? I say we embrace the nipple, metaphorically speaking, and get over it.

So grab your nips and let's Flog!

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  1. Oh how I love your blog. Nipples are nipples yes. About time the world got over them. Boobs are for babies. The end. Yay... let's go get icecream.. speaking of nipples, is there any truth in nipple stimulation inducing labour?

  2. I don't even have anything to flog this week :( stupid sinus infection!

  3. Had the kids pull my dress down the shopping centre this morning.  Butcher got an eyeful. 

  4. I took a mouthful of coffee just before I read your last line "Grab your nips and lets flog", and almost sprayed the laptop - bahahaha.  That's gotta be one of the best blogging lines of 2011 :-)

  5. Loving the get-your-nips-out edition! It's a blob of flesh, people, get over it.

  6. Not so keen on the cow & yak nipples! I like to keep my under wraps but sometimes those puppies have a mind of their own!

  7. Alexandra Kerry and that sheer gown! 
     Does the girl not have a mirror in her home?
     Does she not have friends who tell her that she might as well be wearing just the (highly visible) panties?

  8. interesting 'fabric' for a dress.... nipples...??? why?? is cotton in short supply?

  9. Why do celebrities think they can get away with wearing those ridiculous dresses?

  10. I think this has just become my most favorite ever blog post

  11. NANCY GRACE! That's awesome.

    Meanwhile, my nipples are burning right now looking at that "dress".


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