Thursday, October 13, 2011

FlogYoBlog Friday: The Woe Is Me Edition

Hey Floggers!

So another week, another Flog.

This week finds me sick sick sick. I have equal parts self pity and woe is me with a liberal dollop of Whiney McWhinerson.

I've had about eight hours sleep over the past two days and I'm starting to see double (and no, I don't need new glasses). Add to that, that my internet is dropping out every two seconds due to faulty wiring (hence the early posting in a rare amount of uptime).

Basically, I'm in urgent need of a Wambulance. Waaaahhhhh. Please send one quickly, after you've Flogged, of course.

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  1. Ugh. I really feel for you, being sick is hard enough without having the internet to help you though. I mean, how on earth do you find out what's wrong and how to cure it without Google Doctor?

  2. Get better soon Glow! Nothing worse than feeling under the weather ... x

  3. get better lady. i am just on the mend now - had to move back to my parents!!! sending you cyber chicken soup xxxxx

  4. Feel better soon lovely xx

  5. hope you feel better soon xx

  6. awww sweety. I hope you're feeling better quick smart. yucky sickness. go away.

  7. Bloody internet! Get well soon! Probably shouldn't have annoyed you on your last post eh? ;)

  8. That is just crappy.  Hope you get some more sleep.  Sleep deprivation is bad enough, let alone being sick.  Take care x

  9. Sending you special best wishes for a real quick recovery. Cannot ever trust the internet especially when you really really need it. Take Care.

  10. Oh you poor love.  And you are still such a giver, in the face of illness and snot and phlegm.

    Bless you for agreeing to send Map Guy to my place to strip and clean.  I would send #1Hubby to act as your man slave / nurse in return, but he's prone to sympathetic man flu, and would likely end up taking himself to hospital with self diagnosed Pneumonia.

    If you run out of tissues, you can always use your Ranty Pants to quell the flow of snot.  You're welcome.

    PS - How was my grammar?

  11. Sick sans internet is the worst kind. Feel better soon, missus.

  12. I hope you feel better very soon, half an hour ago would be just about right.
    I hate constant internet dropouts, and slow connections too.
    Can you get the faulty wiring fixed?

  13. Oh I love you over here! I have done my first Vlog this week - please give me your thoughts (ideally good, but I'll take constructive!) x

  14. Oh dear, missed it - we are so far behind you over here :(


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