Wednesday, October 5, 2011

He Did What!? Wednesday - By Fox in the City II

Quality Time -By Fox In The City

So, right now we are going through a phase in our household that is leaving me rather exhausted and my husband waffling between frustrated and pissed off. Hum, if it has been going on since March is it still a phase? Still temporary? Holy hell, please don’t let this be a forever thing. Sigh.

The hopefully still a phase that is currently running rough shot through our home is my children’s almost complete obsession with ME. Everything is about mommy. Mommy must do their bidding. Mommy must sit beside them for dinner. Mommy must wipe bums. Mommy must change diapers. Mommy must be the one to put them to bed and the one they go to in the middle of the night.

Mommy is tired, worn out and just plain over being my kids favourite.

The thing is, my husband is totally available and wanting to do all these things . . . the kids just will have none of it. They will happily play with him but I am the only acceptable choice when it comes to everything else.

Brad is over this rejection and he sort of swings between frustrated and just plain pissed off over the whole situation. I swing between being frustrated and just plain pissed off at his reaction to this whole situation.

Last night was yet another example of the insanely fierce devotion my son feels towards me (I know it sounds awful that I consider this to be a bad thing but seriously I am so over never even being permitted to pee BY MYSELF) and not so much towards his dad. Little Miss came home from her first day of kindergarten wiped out, exhausted and in tears . . . she needed her mommy and I needed to be there for her. As I was cuddling with her in bed I suggested that Brad take Buddy with him and just pick up something, anything, for dinner.

As I was comforting my sweetly exhausted little girl I kept hearing the front door open only to be slammed shut again. At this point, I should probably mention that I am still trying to recover from Postpartum Depression and that excessive noise is one of my rage triggers and a slamming door is loud!

Turns out that, once Buddy realized that it was Brad coming with him, he slammed the front door in Brad’s face to keep him IN the house. Apparently he did that several times. Eventually Brad got outside only to have Buddy run back in the house and slam the door in his face to keep him OUT of the house.

Needless to say, Brad left without the little man.

As bedtime was approaching for Buddy, after I had bathed him, diapered him and got him into his jammies, I suggested that the boys play cars or blocks together. That was a no go. So Buddy and I were sitting on the couch reading when Brad walked past us with a bowl of snacks and a drink heading to the basement. Upon asking him what he was doing, he said that he was going to watch a movie. Rather disgruntled, I mentioned that doing so would leave me putting both kids to bed again . . . by myself. His response “I think Buddy is tired of me after spending so much time together over the summer. Maybe seeing less of me will make him like me again.” WTF? I am not of the belief absence makes the heart grow fonder, particularly when it comes to kids. Sigh.
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Jenn, the fabulous Foxy Lady behind Fox in the City, is Canadian, ey!

She's a mum of two rather adorable and photogenic children (one of which is cacking herself laughing to the right) and the wife of Brad. I'm sure they got lots of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston jokes before, so let's not get in to that.

She loves history, works as a museum archivist and she's a clever cookie with degrees up the wazoo and a PhD firmly set in her sites.

She describes her blog, and her life, as a work in progress. Stalk her on Twitter here, she's always fun to talk to.

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