Wednesday, June 22, 2011

He Did What!? Wednesday - By Fox in the City

Cold Ankles? - By Fox in the City

Apparently my son is a wee bit of an exhibitionist or a nudist in a diaper . . . but I guess then he really isn’t nude so he can’t really be a nudist.

Just the other day I arrived at my kid’s daycare to pick them up and head home after a hard day avoiding doing actual work while at work.  I headed straight into Little Miss’s room where I was greeted with a giant smile, a hug and the news that she had yet another “awesome” day.  Ah, those are sweetest words a working mom, who at times feels a teeny bit guilty, can hear from those I pay to care for my kid. 

So, we gathered up the plethora of artwork created by Little Miss and headed over to collect Buddy from his room.  When we arrived at the toddler room Buddy did not run over to greet us as he normally does.   

Why you ask?  Was there something wrong?  Was he feeling okay?

Well, I suspect that he didn’t run right over to say hi because his shorts were down around his ankles.   

Buddy is a rather typical 1.5 year old . . . he would rather be running around in all his glory than wearing clothes but this was the first time that I had encountered him actually removing his clothing . . . and doing so at school.

According to his teachers, he actually spent much of the day pulling his shorts down around his ankles and walking around like that.  Why you ask?  I have no idea.  Apparently he didn’t even try to remove them from his ankles, just didn’t want them covering his most private of private areas.

So I am left wondering if this was just a one off and I will not be greeted by the sight of my son with his pants around his ankles again . . . at least not until he is a teenager or  if it will now be a regular habit.  
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He Did What!? has gone international again because Jenn, the fabulous Foxy Lady behind Fox in the City, is Canadian, ey! She's also the first to dob in her son... I'm pretty sure I won't be far behind!

She's a mum of two rather adorable and photogenic children (one of which is cacking herself laughing to the right) and the wife of Brad. I'm sure they got lots of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston jokes before, so let's not get in to that.

She loves history, works as a museum archivist and she's a clever cookie with degrees up the wazoo and a PhD firmly set in her sites.

She describes her blog, and her life, as a work in progress. Stalk her on Twitter here, she's always fun to talk to.

Next Week: Miss Pink dishes the dirt on Mr Black

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  1. I don't know how daycare providers do it, but man, am I grateful for them.  I'm a full time working mom too, and when our daycare lady opens her door with a smile and says positive things it always works wonders to make me feel better.  Hopefully, your son can get all the nudity out of his system before he's a teen spring breaker!  :)

  2. Hahahaha. My 2 are little nudists also. I have no idea where they get it from! 

  3. Kim@Mommies Time Out TodayJune 22, 2011 at 7:34 PM

    Fortunately I haven't has that problem. Maybe girls are different. I'm quitting my job to start a babysitting two of my friend's kids. They're both boys. Thanks for the heads up! Lol

  4. Freedom!    That is truly the way to go

  5. Hahahahaha!  That is so funny.  My youngest daughter did that for awhile.  She would just take off all of her clothes and run around until I could catch her and force her clothes back on.  You have to admit, it probably feels good to feel the wind and sun on your bare skin, skin that is still in the right place and looks adorable.  :)  Thankfully my boys haven't done that yet and they are almost two...but there is still time.


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