Thursday, June 23, 2011

Blogopolis or Bust

Soooo do you remember when I pulled out this little sign?

You don't? Well I did. And then I nearly fell over because the CEO of an awesome company actually saw it and I became her 'sponsorette'!

So, based on the premise of "ask and ye shall receive", here we go again, but this time, with a bigger sign:
Picture me holding it while standing by the side of the highway wearing Daisy Dukes. 

What can I offer a sponsor? Well, other than making awesome signs on cardboard, a lot.

For sponsoring me to attend Blogopolis you will receive:
  • My first born child, gift wrapped*
  • A night with me**
Sounds ace, right? I suppose I could throw in side bar advertising, lovely welcome posts, even the opportunity to kit me out in your logo.  I could even mention SEO which I'm pretty sure stands for Sensational Enchilada Opportunity, so I'm not really sure why you'd want that, but hey, who am I to judge?

I've already managed to get partial sponsorship, which means one company thinks I'm worth it. So you won't be the first person to rock up to the party, feeling awkward and wondering if it's too early to open the wine yet (for clarity, it's never too early to open the wine).

So if you're a company, even a teeny tiny start up WAHM one, and you want to open your business up to some fab social media marketing, then get in touch. I'm pretty cheap, just ask Map Guy.

*Will be a picture of said child, gift wrapped lovingly. I'm really good at wrapping so this sorta counts as two perks
**You can take me out to dinner; I like my steak medium-well and I'm fond of Toblerone cocktails. If you give me enough of them I become really funny. Well, I think so. You can drive me home after dinner and I'll even flick the porch light on and off to say goodbye, a tradition reserved for family and close friends - you should feel honoured


    1. Bah ha ha. I'd sponsor you but I'm not a company ... and I'm broke... Anyone wanna sponsor Glowless AND me?

    2. While we're on the topic of ask and you shall receive - can you come do my dishes? LOL!
      Hope some businesses come through for you! :)

    3. You are awesome and you totally deserve sponsorship because damn, who wouldn't want their company name sprawled all over a shirt worn by you ;)

    4. You can't say no to a lady in Daisy Dukes can you?

      well - unless it's Julia Gillard

    5. You had me at Daisy Dukes but the mention of Toblerone cocktails kind of sealed the deal for me. WOMAN, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?

    6. You're too funny. I wish I could sponsor you. But I'm pretty sure you'd need more than what I earn in a week. Which is, um, not very much. LOL

    7. And we all know from the vlog that it would look fab!

    8. Just read this out to hubby, too funny! Dinner with you and gift-wrapped baby? We'd totally sponsor if, you know, we had money and stuff. Good luck!

    9. Gill@AlicebecomesJune 24, 2011 at 8:00 AM

      hey good luck on this! hope you get there - half way to go, right? 

    10. Love it!  I wish I had the courage to do this, but alas I shall be MIA come Blogopolis.  But rest assured any company would be lucky to have you as a spokesperson :)

    11. I hope you get the sponsorship you want :) Cant wait till its my turn to go hehe  Cant wait to hear all about it :))

    12. Depends... do you have a dishwasher? I could load it for you?

    13. Nah I reckon Julia would have hot legs.

    14. Have you seeeeeeeen how expensive flights from Perth are? Sheeeez, I nearly fainted. One week earlier and it was $150 less.

    15. Did I mention you'd have to pay for the dinner too? Am only in this for the perks.

    16. Gill why do we live so far away???? Whyyyyyy?

    17. Do iiiiit. The worst that can happen is someone says no. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

    18. I will tweeting my little heart out so you might be quite sick of it soon!

    19. Fussy Eater's MumJune 25, 2011 at 3:06 PM

      Dear Sponsorette,

      As you know I would be happy to chat with any potential sponsor to tell them what a fabulous investment you are. I got in early last time, so I didn't have to buy you dinner or any Toblerone cocktails, but it would be worth it as you do get funnier after a few drinks (and who doesn't?).

      So if there is anyone out there on the fence about whether or not it's worth spending a few dollars on Glowless, let me tell you, she'll give you good bang for your buck!

      Fussy Eater's Mum

    20. BEST COMMENT EVER!!! Thank you so much F.E.M :)

    21. You rock! Your posts are hilarious and you are totally deserve the attention you have received and much more!  You just killed me with the benefits you offer for your services, as well as the tiny explanation udnerneath! I am sure that you will receive what you want!
      House Removals


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