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He Did What!? Wednesday - By The Mummy Autobiography

The Three P's - By The Mummy Autobiography

We have 2 kids in the colour household. Bluey was a tiny thing at birth, and was forever spitting up, it was inevitable and we always knew to keep a nice big towel handy where ever we went.

The 3 P's we called it. Pee, poop and puke. That's what babies were all about to us.

By the time Greenie came along Mr Black was an expert hand on babies. Greenie wasn't much different to his older sibling having read the 3 P's manual many a time in the womb it seemed.

Now the big rule with babies is you never rough them up or jostle them about within half an hour of a feed time. We used to push this up to an hour for our highly trained 3 P's babies. Many a time we have yelled out to my sister about being careful of P#3, puke. It was deeply ingrained in all who had a close relationship with our children.

One day while at the park with friends enjoying a picnic in the sunshine Mr Black being the ever attentive and helpful dad, as they all are in the company of others, offered to take Greenie after a feed. Chatting away i thought nothing of this and was grateful for the help so i could get started on my lunch (everyone else was finishing up eating, because as it always goes when you're a mother you're the last to eat).

I hear baby giggles to the side of me, which cause me to look up with a smile at my baby playing with his daddy so happily. Not a second later a monstrous burp comes from his tiny mouth and a stream of sticky white puke dribbles down from my babies mouth into his fathers who is holding him above his head in the air and making "Arrrghhh" noises.

We all laughed as Mr Black walked off dry retching and trying to get the baby puke out of his mouth.

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Miss Pink is an absolute fab Sydney based chick who blogs over at The Mummy Autobiography. All the cool people are in Sydney, I swear.

She writes about everything you can possibly think of; sometimes charming, sometimes funny, sometimes poignant, but always honest. She’s not afraid to tell it like it is, just see her post about the stereotyping of teen mums.

She’s a little bit crunchy with her breastfeeding, cloth nappying, baby wearing ways, which is one of the things we have in common. She also likes pretty things and craft which is one thing we don’t have in common. Never the less, she’s a cool chick.

You can stalk her a little bit harder on Twitter and Facebook.

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  1. Ahh yes, the spit up baby. We have one of those also. I've managed to 2 of the 3 P's so far (11 months and going strong!), but Daddy was pee'd on within minutes of birth and has been pooped on more times than he cares to remember.
    I like to think Baby likes me better.

  2. You mean INTO this father's mouth? OMG... Now, that is a spew story (and a half)!

  3. I feel Mr Black's pain. Playing with the Bug at the big shopping centre near us. Laughing and giggling, raise her up over my head and BLERGH - Spew right into Mummy's mouth. Gag. Noice! x

  4. My second (a boy) pissed all over me and my husband thought it hilarious. Well he took over changing the nappy so I could get changed. He lifted my sons legs up to wipe him and right then my son decided to projectile shit all over my husband.  Karma.

    Love & stuff
    Mrs M

  5. Thank you so much for allowing me to guest post on your blog Glowless! 
    I am laughing reading all the comments. 

  6. I'm having a bit of 'sick' in my mouth now too. filth, but funny!

  7. Oh god, no! But it does remind me of a similar incident at our place with our third born. Vomited in the mouth... charming! x

  8. I love your 3Ps! We didn't have pukers (thankfully) and I sure got a laugh about this. Smug new Dad gets put in his place by 5kg bundle! x

  9. YYuuuuccckkk! Hahahah hilarious!! But only because it didn't happen to me :D


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