Sunday, June 26, 2011

5 Minutes of Peace - Raggs Review & Giveaway

Why is it that whenever I need to go to the toilet, have a shower or take an important phone call, Tricky chooses that exact moment to cry?

Is there a baby sixth sense that realizes the most inconvenient time? We can have a whole day of happy playing and dancing and endless renditions of 'Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes' but as soon as I have to do something important... waaaah.

It is an innate gift, I think, to be able to time it so perfectly. He will not make a peep when I go on Twitter, obviously realizing it's not important. Smart kid.

So I have been known to put on a DVD for Tricky when I know I'm getting a phone call or I need to have a shower and I've not managed to do it while he was asleep (see previous mention of Twitter). And I refuse to fall in to the "I'm a bad parent" guilt trip for doing it. There are worse things than a few minutes of TV.

I was sent a copy of "Raggs - Bow Wow Boogie" to test out it's captivating powers on a one year old.

Staring. Clapping. Dancing. Hanging off cabinet.
As far as kid's DVDs go, it ticks all the boxes: it's bright and colourful, teaches morals and tolerance, and encourages lots of singing and dancing with the Raggs Kids Club Band.

Tricky especially liked the live audience part where a bunch of kids get up to sing and dance along in the totally cute and uncoordinated way only a preschooler can pull off. He's rather obsessed with music, and it makes his muso parents very happy.

So the DVD got me my 5 minutes of peace... which is all I'm really looking for in a kid's DVD. Oops, there goes my Mother of the Year nomination.

If you want your own 5 minutes of peace (or 108 minutes if your kid can sit through the whole three episodes and extras) then you can win one right here.

To enter all you have to do is:
  • Follow Where's My Glow? 
  • Leave a comment telling me what you would do in your 5 minutes of peace
  • If you'd like to Tweet the giveaway for an extra entry, leave a separate comment with the link to your tweet
Now I'm going to put it on again, not because I'm busy but because I like watching Tricky's adorable bob up and down on the spot dance.

Entry is open to Australian and New Zealand residents. Entries close at 10pm AEST on Monday 4th July 2011 at which time a winner will be chosen using a random number generator. Make sure you sign in to the comment platform with a valid email address or leave your address as part of your comment so you can be contacted. Winner has one week to reply to notification, failing that, the prize will be redrawn. The prize is provided by The Fusion Agency and is not transferable. 

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  1. Oli does with the teletubbies! :) In my 5 minutes of piece, I try to shower or sneak in kisses with the mR :)

  2. Yes there sure is a baby sixth sense, I hope that someone somewhere is working on a PhD to try and figure out how to harness the power for good, rather than the evil mummy bothering that most kids use it for!
    If I win, what would I use my 5 minutes of peace for? Hmmmm, I'm not sure I remember what that means....

  3. 5 minutes of peace... I'd take a good book and some chocolate into a nice warm bath! Why not indulge if i can get 5 minutes anyway

  4. My five minutes of peace? I would go to the toilet without an audience. :) for some reason, no matter how fascinating what she is doing/watching is, my daughter just knows when mummy has to visit the bathroom and I have her in there with me in a heartbeat trying to close the lid on my back or trying to shove something in or trying to climb into my pants... strange child. 

  5. Five minutes of spare time, you know what I would do with that.

    Tweet tweet!!

  6. A quick nap would be the best choice these days im not getting much sleep

  7. I drew the competition and forgot to actually notify the winner... oops.
    It's you Emma! Will contact you via email, congratulations!


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