Thursday, June 30, 2011

Schmaltzy Husband Lovin

Recently Map Guy and I had a romantic night together. It doesn’t happen often, so when it does, he goes to a lot of effort to make it special.

He cranked the romantic tunes on the stereo. So cliché, but hey, I like it.

One of my faves, Claire de Lune came on. For those of you playing along at home it’s played during the fountain scene of Ocean’s Eleven.

I leaned over and kissed Map Guy, saying “Is it bad that I’m thinking of Matt Damon while I’m kissing you?”

To which he replied, “It’s OK, I am too.”

And that right there, is why I love this man. He can make me laugh like no one else.

The ongoing joke of Map Guy’s ManCrush started when we saw this video of comedian Sarah Silverman singing to her comedian boyfriend, Jimmy Kimmel (be warned, the title of the video kinda gives away that you might not wanna have your kiddies in ear shot when you play this, there is quite a bit of swearing though the worst of it is bleeped) and it’s most definitely not safe for work:

Skip to 2:13 :)

Since that clip first came out, we’ve randomly thrown it in to our daily conversations, for example:

Me: “I need to go to the hairdresser on Saturday, what are you doing?”

Map Guy: “I’m fucking Matt Damon”


Map Guy: “Are you going to Mothers’ Group tomorrow?”

Me: “No, I’m too busy fucking Matt Damon”

Strange, I know. He is the chocolate sprinkles on my icecream; the bubbles in my bath tub; the hashtag in my tweet. 

Who’s your celebrity crush?

Check out Jimmy’s awesome video response with every single celebrity in the world in it - again, it’s “for mature audiences” which really means I shouldn’t have watched it because we all know I’m not mature. 


  1. Lol, I love it!
    The Biz used to have a man crush on Johnny Depp in the Pirates movies (I did too for a while)

    but I also love the sequel to that, when Jimmy Kimmel gets together with Ben Affleck.

  2. I love that song so so much. It CRACKED me up when I first heard it oh so many years ago. (Your embedding doesn't work, says the video has been removed, totally fix that for all the people who haven't yet heard it's awesomeness).
    I love that Map Guy is funny. I'm a sucker for guys with a sense of humour and that don't mind taking the piss out of themselves. Mr Black didn't get that memo, he is oh so serious, not. 

    Celebrity crush? Hmmmm. I'm not one to crush too much, there are a few i'd bonk, but I wouldn't go as far to say crush on. I will have to have a think and get back to you on it. (I tend to fall in love with characters out of books *swoon*)

  3. My first crush was Robert Vaughn in  The Man from Uncle - I was about 6. And I have stayed faithful to any dark-haired, handsome actor since. Although when I was 11/12 I wanted to Suzi Quatro.

  4. Hahaha!  Hilarious!!!  Harrison Ford (as he was in Star Wars and Indiana Jones) is probably a dead giveaway of my age ... But for full-on OTT crush, it's gotta be Clarke Gable in GWTW - and that's NOT an age giveaway!

  5. lol! Matt Damon is the hottest ;)

  6. Ah, that is so sweet in a totally demented sort of way!! :)

  7. Ha ha! Love that song. I don't have a crush on the Damon, but I totally get it. He is attractive, yet he doesn't take himself too seriously. I put the Clooney in the same category.

    My long time celebrity crush is Robbie Williams (stemming right back to my boy-band obsessed teenage years)

  8. awwww your man is awesome! 

    Saw the video before, sooo funny!

    My man crush at the mo is Alex O Loughlin -- the guy from that Jennifer Lopez movie and the one in Hawaii-Five-O. I just want to lick him all over.

  9. Fiona @ My Mummy DazeJuly 1, 2011 at 7:22 PM

    Bahahaha! Loved this clip! F*cking hilarious! Thanks for sharing xx

  10. Bwaaaahahahaha, oh you two. We'd get along very well. I was going to say "get on" but that's frowned on in some circles..... I loved this (and JK's response) when it came out. Very cool. I have no celeb crushes. I'm so boring.

  11. Ha! Love it. We have a running joke - my hubby will say he'd turn for so-and-so (Bear Grylls, for example), and he's said it so often my reply is now automically that he'd turn for anyone!! (Which makes me his fag hag, I guess...)


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