Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Are you a Super Mum?

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Ya huh, just for filling in some questions. Easy money, baby!

OK so if we go by the video I don't do much at all and Tricky cries a lot... so it's not too far from the truth. I do actually do a lot more than that (like blogging and Instagramming actual child raising) but I didn't want to bore you senseless. No matter what, I still deserve that cape! A red one, made of velvet. Make it happen, people!

What takes up most of your day? Do you have a cape?


Thanks to those who filled out the survey! The results are now in and the key findings are:
• More than half of mums feel that their contribution is not widely recognised within Australian society today.
• 59% of Aussie mums aren’t impressed with coverage of celebrity mums.
• More than 65% of mums involved in the study were concerned about the big issues of economic security, social disruption, terrorism and conflict.
• A very large portion of Aussie families do not have adequate life insurance. The research revealed 32% of parents do not have life insurance for their family, and another 8% don’t know if they’re covered.


  1. I tried to be a super mum.Stayed at home.Played all the fun games.Read all the books.Cooked all the right foods.Baked all the nice goodies.Had many a play date.Volunteered hours on end at school.Was always there when needed any time of day and night.etc etc etc.What did it get me.My 18yr old girl now breaking my heart screaming at me in her hormone raging moods that Im the worst mum in the world.Guess I failed the super mum test

  2. I most certainly do have a cape. I wear it front ways though. It's common name is "apron".

  3. I don't have a cape but I now do have chicken pox. I'm trying to pull it off as some 50's retro polka dot thing but it's not working. P.S I would prefer a cape.

  4. Fussy Eater's MumMay 2, 2012 at 5:30 PM

    It seems so calm in Casa de Glow. Like The Accidental Housewife I must confess to wearing a front-facing cape too. It sends a "I'm in charge" message to the troops.

  5. Managing to juggle with all the responsibilities of mom, housewife and working woman is an expensive task. Apparently you manage to somehow keep the balance! You should take pride in that!Vacation Home Montana


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