Monday, April 30, 2012

I can now add public speaking to my resume... If I had a resume

This weekend, because I'm the shy and retiring type, I spoke on stage about the rise of the all powerful pros and cons of being a parent blogger at the Media 140 Digital Family Day with Catherine Archer from Curtin University and Lani from Missy Boo. Mum Bloggers represent!

I was nervous despite the fact that I spoke on stage at the Digital Parents Conference - a little bit during the day and then again during The Mother Tongue at dinner - but that was in front of a room full of people who already "knew me". And by that I mean they may have watched a vlog or two and known not to expect too much.
Clockwise from top left: My tweet on the giant screen, Tricky being chased by Boo,
MC Bonnie & Boo, Mrs Wonders & I, Boo getting catty

Instead, I was quietly crapping myself because this was in front of an audience who had no clue who I was, bar Map Guy and The Wonder Couple who came out to show their support and try their hand at toddler wrangling in the rain.

Oh I didn't mention the rain? Yes, the city that seems to be in constant drought with major water restrictions decided that the day of an outdoor event would be perfect timing for the heavens to open up and piss down on us while we were on stage holding microphones. Microphones connected to electricity.

Unfortunately, said rain also kept a lot of people away. Probably because everyone forgot how to drive as soon as the wet stuff started coming from the sky and went around yelling "the sky is falling, the sky is falling".
Clockwise from top left: Lani, myself and Catherine on stage, Boo being shy,
my speakers badge, Map Guy & Tricky on the beanbags

I have already forgotten what I said, other than when asked if Mum Bloggers were influential I said "Yeah, my husband buys what I tell him to" (oh hai head, meet desk, kthxbai) but apparently, according to my friends, I was charming and witty. And they would *ahem* never lie to me just to stroke my ego. I choose to remember it that way anyway, and ignore the fact that the freak storm coming in meant a few people left mid-talk and the head organizer had to stand behind the backdrop holding it up to ensure it wouldn't get blown on to us (thanks, Ande!).

The highlight of the day for me would have to be when an audience member, the gorgeous Tif, came up to Lani and I afterwards to thank us and have a chat about blogging and how some people just don't get why we put our lives out there online. Because that's what it's all about, meeting new people and having awesome conversations.

Why do you put your life online?


  1. Naw! I feel special! Loved meeting you too, it's my absolute favourite thing about social media and blogging. Your friends didn't lie btw, you spoke beautifully and we were definitely laughing with you not at you! :)

  2. I'm a teacher and public speaking scares the crap outta me too, go figure!  I'm still a relatively new blogger but I do it because I love it and I really want to make some new friends out of it (which I know will take time).

  3. Tey@Supermac'sThoughtBalloonsApril 30, 2012 at 10:28 AM

    I can believe that you are as charming and witty on stage as you are online <3 Congratulations on your foray into public speaking.

  4. I dont blog but Im sure glad you do! Thanks for laying it all on the line.Luv ya xx

  5. Next is you and me on stage together.  AWESOMENESS

  6. Looking good up there!  Why do I put my life online?  Initially it was because I felt a sense of loneliness, you know the one where you're surrounded by people!  Since blogging I now have a lovely little group of friends locally that I really feel connected too.  But I love my blogging and I have no intention of stopping anytime soon.

  7. We've never been more connected and yet we all seem to be so isolated. Love that blogging has connected you to people :)

  8. I think people may faint, they can't handle that much awesomeness in one go.

  9. Excellent, that's two of us who now believe it :P

  10. I've had so much experience on stage with music and drama, even in front of 1000 people, but I had an instrument or costume to distance myself from the audience. This was just me and it felt so different!

  11. Thanks Tif! Was so cool to meet you and your gorgeous girl. Love that you blog real x

  12. Toddler wrangling is fun! Just wish I had been wearing proper shoes. Was petrified of stacking it if I ran after Tricky too fast!! hahaha


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