Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I’m stuffed so I watched Doc McStuffins

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Little did I know when I accepted this sponsored post that I almost wouldn’t get it in on time because Tricky would end up being rushed to hospital in an ambulance with a severe asthma attack, right when I was meant to be writing it. Children and schedules no not mix, obviously.

We’ve come home from our third hospital admission in three weeks with instructions to freak out a bit at how quickly asthma can go from bad to life threatening visit the GP for follow up, and though Tricky has seen a couple before for different reasons, it looks like we’ll be seeing a lot more as we try to manage this new chapter.

Enter Doc McStuffins, the six year old who brings her toys to life then heals their boo boos. Other than the word boo boos which I loathe, it’s a cute show and Tricky and I spent some time watching it in an effort to normalize trips to the doctor. Plus it meant I could avoid housework since I was so stuffed from staying on a fold out bed in the hospital listening to sick babies cry all night. Win win.

Doc and her magic stethoscope (ZOMG how cute is that Lamb?)

I’m a firm believer that kids shows have to appeal to adults. We’re the ones who have to put up with them, really, so there has to be something in it for me to make me tolerate Tricky watching it over and over and over (and over and over) again before I’ve had enough and declare the DVD “broken” and hide it at the back of the cupboard.

In Doc McStuffins, that honour belongs to Lambie (with Chilly the snowman coming a very close second). I’m such a sucker for cute so in the episode I watched when Lambie, who is unsurprisingly a little lamb, said “That was the most exciting cuddle I ever had!” I was smitten.

Exciting cuddles are my favourite thing too and I’m so good at giving them. Get your mind out of the gutter!

Lambie made me giggle and go nawwww at the same time, which sounded like I was having some sort of fit and has now been added to my list of things never to do in public alongside burp the alphabet. But I digress.

Now that’s one exciting cuddle!

Tricky enjoyed it (oh yeah, that’s right, I was meant to show the kids show to the kid) and it held his attention for the whole time, even though he was exhausted. I’m wondering if when the Doctor doesn’t heal him with a hug, a kiss and a strategically placed bandaid, and instead forces him to have ventolin and steroids, if he might feel a little jipped.
Group hug with Doc McStuffins and her giant head
Laying down to watch, the day home from hospital

Now, if only I could get Tricky’s doctor to accept hugs as payment like Doc does… they’d be exciting cuddles, of course. GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER!

Doc McStuffins premieres on Friday, June 8, at 9.15am (screening times, Mon-Sun 9.15am and 3.15pm; Mon-Fri 12.15pm and 6.15pm; Sat-Sun 11.15am and 5.45pm) on Disney Junior which we don’t have. I guess I’ll just have to keep replaying the one episode over and over and over again… oh so that’s where Tricky gets it from!?


  1. I may have giggled and gone nawww in public several times - you're right, it's not a good look!

    It's just as well I wasn't reading this post in public or I think I might have done it again - how you still manage to make me do that when you are going through all this is beyond me. x

  2. Good way to pay that bil....

  3. It's roid town over here too. Steroids that is, not haemorrhoids. Hope he's recovered ok. Xx

  4. That lamb is crazy cute!! I want one...

  5. Bahaha I did wonder for a second there :P


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