Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The numbers game

In the last two and a half weeks I feel like all I've done is worry and count, count and worry.

Count the number of puffs, doses, hours, admissions and the number of times I've been close to losing the plot (I'd need to count higher than ten for that, so it's off the list).

Worry about whether I'm up to being this parent which is so far removed from my bordering on neglect "he'll be right" attitude.

One - the number of times we've needed an ambulance for Tricky

Two - the number of asthma attacks he's had

Three - the number of hospital admissions he's had

Four - the number of hours between ventolin when you're allowed home from hospital

Five - the number of times I've called the specialist only to get the answering machine

Six - the number of puffs of ventolin required every 20 minutes for three hours to stabilize him

Seven - the number of times he screams when woken up for medicine over night

Eight -the number of chips, dropped off to the hospital by a good friend, I can stuff in to my mouth when Tricky is finally asleep

Nine - the number of times per day I felt sorry for myself

Ten - the number of times per day I shook it off and thought how truly lucky we are

All in two and a half weeks. Ugh.

Tricky giving the thumbs up for feeling better!


  1. oh Glow i can only imagine what you guys have been through these past few weeks, i really think the universe needs to give you guys a  freakin break already!!

    i hope Tricky is on the mend and that you ALL get a blessed break.

    sending hugs, lot-o-love, chocolate, hot chips and of course wine your way...


  2. Truckloads of love being sent your way x

  3. It's a hard game to play that one. Much love and strength to you all

  4. 659 - the number of 'google friends' who follow your blog because they care (and they enjoy reading your posts, even the emo ones!)

    Hang in there! x

  5. I'm glad he's okay and hope that they can get him onto some sort of preventative plan before you do this again. But I know how things work and just, ugh. 

  6. That's not a fun counting game at all.  Hope things get better.  We have an asthmatic too, but so far so good.  Touch wood and all that.  Take care Glow and Tricky x


    The number of hugs coming your way. 

  8. Oh Hun. Not fun. Not fun at all. Having two boys with asthma I've done my fair share of counting two... I know the 4x4x4 verbatim. People often look t me strangely when I quote it to them if the boys are having a sleep over, usually with a look of um... So maybe we've changed our mind about a sleepover.

    I hope you get some much needed rest and respite. Sending you love and light, xoxo

  9. You'd think by the way I'm banging on about it that I'm the only one who has ever had to deal with it! Sheesh I should learn to shut up!

  10. You can always make me smile :) x

  11. According to the head paed, preventers will only be given when he's had three attacks... so we sit and wait.

  12. Not fun. Now I can't stop thinking about my own parents who put up with so many trips to the hospital with me! I feel so bad for them x

  13. I was never allowed to sleep over because my parents were worried the other parents wouldn't be able to handle it.

  14. Hope you guys get a break soon darlin x

  15. A break or a strong drink. Either/or. x

  16. Im sorry you and your family have had to go through all this.It must be so hard.I think it is great that at the end of it all you still think of how lucky you are.Just beautiful.I hope you feel all the support you have from us all out here in cyber land.Big hugs xx

  17. Oh my, apart from the ambulance I know this numbers game well. Asthma is no fun for anyone, least of all the little people. Hugs to you x

  18. this made me cry cause I wasn't there for you.

    I am sorry.



  19. It could be so much worse. Once we know his triggers and start managing them it will be fine. Thank you for all the support, Deb, I can definitely feel it. Don't know what I'd do without it x

  20. Please retract this apology immediately. Or... or... *tries to think of something horrible*. AHA! Or I will not buy you a margarita!!!


  21. whiningattheworldMay 25, 2012 at 3:44 PM

    Yuk. I hope Tricky gets over these exacerbations soon. Thinking of you, and sending get well vibes.

  22. poor little guy.  I hope he starts feeling better soon.


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