Friday, April 13, 2012

FlogYoBlog Friday: The Really Really Scary Edition

It's Friday the 13th again, Floggers! The calendar really doesn't want me to be creative with this week's theme, does it?

After a rather shitty week of being sick, then Map Guy getting Man Flu and then Tricky getting sick I've been thinking that there is only one thing that could scare me tonight and it's not witches, or ghosts or black cats or anything else that I'm meant to think about on Friday the 13th.

The ONE thing that could scare me tonight is... AN EMPTY WINE GLASS.

So let's fill our glasses, and have a Flog.

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  1. You know I had no idea untilI woke up this morning to a flood of tweets about it being Friday the 13th.
    I'm just going to go and stick my head back sand. At least it's warm there.

  2. Fricken' A is it Friday already?! Where, where has the week gone? Will put flogging cap on and flog it. Just make sure that on your way to the bottle shop that you don't pass a black cat or walk under a ladder. And pour that wine into a cup rather than stemmed glass...just to be safe.

  3. Leanne Shea LangdownApril 13, 2012 at 5:59 PM

    Haha!! No empty wine glass here.  Champas in hand ...


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