Friday, April 6, 2012

FlogYoBlog Friday: The Zombie Jesus Edition

Once again, Zombie Jesus Day is upon us! Hooray! There's nothing like running from the undead to work up an appetite for chocolate bunnies and eggs.

It is time to inhale chocolately goodness in all it's forms then complain you've had too much. It's tradition, you see.

I will be spending this weekend pulling weeds and planting a veggie garden in the hopes that it makes me feel less guilty about all the Hot Cross Buns I will have eaten. Actually, I'm likely to sit in the backyard with my iPad, tweeting that Map Guy and Tricky are doing all the work. Good enough, right?

So start hoeing in to the chocolate, but before you do, take time to Flog it, baby!

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  1. Seriously? Zombie Jesus?

  2. I may have had an early start on the chocolate and woke up with a migraine.  Not a good start to Easter.  Enjoy the weeding, errr... supervising :)

  3. Yayyyy! Veggie garden!
    Our's is a bit crazy atm. Not sure what is growing besides the fucking eggplant that I don't eat, but something is growing!

  4.  We have seeds galore... I'm thinking they'll get forgotten about before they become anything edible

  5. Bugger! That's the problem with chocolate, too good to stop eating :(

  6. I love zombie jesus. Far more interesting than real jesus.

  7. Thanks for the Festive ZOmbie Jesus Day card!!! xx

  8. Zombie Jesus?How respectful

  9. As much respect as I have been treated with as an atheist by people who claim to be Christians. 


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