Saturday, April 21, 2012

I live in my house therefore it looks shit

I hate mess. It makes me anxious. I freak out when people are coming over and go on a massive cleaning spree (previously mentioned as Operation Furiously Unclutter and Clean the Kitchen - aka Operation F.U.C.K.) in the hopes that my visitors will not see the bomb site I reside in.

After having Tricky I've actually kept the house a lot tidier than I did before, for the sole reason that little hands get in to a lot of things they shouldn't if I leave them lying around. But my house is still not ever going to be featured in a magazine because it's actually lived in.

So, inspired by Marita from Stuff With Thing who issued a challenge today to show you her house how it really is (#thisisourhome) I've vlogged my house for you exactly as it is.

I'm home alone for most of the day... I was tempted to do some cleaning but then I saw Zoey's vlog from January and decided against it. Instead I'll be updating my media kit, doing some vlogs and eating the chocolate slice featured in the vlog.

What does your house look like?


  1. I don’t even know the way I finished up right here, however I assumed this publish was great. I do not realize who you are but definitely you are going to a well-known blogger in case you are not already. Cheers!

  2. Haha, yet another reason to love you Glow :) - I once wrote a poem about the state of my house and all the ways I have of hiding the shit when people come round.

  3. I had a kitchen just like yours.

    that is why we are friends.

    I will send you a duster. ;)

  4. The Flying Drunken MonkeyApril 21, 2012 at 6:19 PM

    Love your house. And yes it is quite clean! I did a very similar vlog

  5. Love it and yes, closed doors make a huge difference. I'm so glad my bedroom door locks, I can hide everything in there when we have visitors and then lock the door. No chance of my messy secrets getting out. 

  6. Oh Glow. I am going to be all pathetic for a minute and admit that seeing your face and hearing your voice made me tear up a little. I miss you.
    Why yes I am some lame stalker.

    I added some pics to instagram, the messiest places in my house, but alas, my house is super tiny (smaller than yours! Eeek.) and even though I haven't cleaned all week my kids are pretty good about picking up their toys because I'm a psycho mum and I have been known to throw shit on the back lawn when I have to ask too many times for it to be put away.
    Shame Mr Black hasn't gotten that memo.

    Plus like you said, being in a small house means that there is less room for shit.
    I really love your kitchen and have total kitchen envy seeing as our's was built in the '70's and is the same size as our bathroom.

  7. least you can see the floor in the junk room lol,

    until a week ago my junk room was pilled higher than me and you couldnt see the floor

    then my real estate sent me an inspection notice :/ that is like the ultimate visitor :( 

  8. You, Glow, are a deadset legend. I, on the other hand, am chicken shit. Suffice to say I have a pile of boxes behind me boring into the back of my head RIGHT NOW that is becoming a marriage issue. But it is a STANDOFF- I simply can't seem to go there! The chair wear I throw my clothes each night is piled high; my son's room makes me palpitate. And, I also have not emptied my DPCON12 swag bag fully yet. Love!

  9. Operation FUCK. God.  LOVE IT!  That is me everytime someone comes over for sure.  My house is a constant mess.  I am so unorganised it is not funny.  I also love the title of this post.  I think it shall become my new mantra!

  10. Loved your vlog and I think your house looks like a fantastic home for yourself, Map Guy and Tricky.

    Your vlog reminded me so much of that time when my children were small and chaos reigned.  (It still rears its ugly head occasionally!)  
    The constant stream of toys, food, endless washing and mess and that "groundhog day" feeling of picking the same stuff up over and over again...  Mess was one of the things that I really struggled with (am a neat freak, can't help it, just am) and in retrospect it would have been easier if I had just gone with the mess and chaos rather than fought it.  Children aren't small forever and things eventually get calmer.  Looking back I think I made life harder for myself by caring about something that doesn't seem that important anymore.

    Seven years on and I feel like we have come up for air. Don't get me wrong we still have mess and dirt but I feel like we can contain it better.  The kids pick up after themselves and at least once a day the house is tidy (ish).  

    I think your housekeeping is just fine Glow!  Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

  11. Love the random bowl on sofa.  

  12. So bloody refreshing... Had my MIL here this weekend looking down her nose at our lived in home ...

  13. My Mum's advice on a messy house was this "Take your kids to the park, that way your friends can't drop in and see what a messy house you have!" Brilliant - our house looks like a tip no matter what I do, and to be honest I've got better things to do with my life than tidy up all the time : )

  14. I've got small 2 kids and 2 teenage stepsons and my Mum's advice to me on keeping you house tidy was this ... "go out to the park, that way no one can drop in a see what a mess your house is!" I love it - life is too short to have a tidy house.

  15. tsk - if my wife ever let my house get that messy I'd be having words with her - probably something like "oooff  ow, get off - sorry , sorry-  I SUBMIT!!"

  16. Your house is bigger than mine! I wish we still had a junk room but I guess the garage downstairs has become that as well as the kid's room seeing as they sleep with us. I really should do this but I promised the mister I would clean today so it doesn't quite look like it usually does.

  17. I love the reality! Keep it coming.


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