Friday, November 18, 2011

FlogYoBlog Friday: The Speak Out Edition

Good Morning, Floggers and Flogettes, hope you're all well and ready to Speak Out today!

What is Speak Out? Well, I'm glad you asked.

Speak Out is an international domestic violence awareness campaign and fundraiser - an initiative created by honourary Aussie Wanderlust and BlogCatalog.

Social media users everywhere are going to Speak Out against domestic violence in the way we know best - blogging, tweeting, updating our Facebook statuses and actually getting out their in real life (yes, it does exist - it's bright out there, take sunglasses).

The more people that join in, the more successful the campaign will be and the more men and women will realize there really is help out there for them if they're experiencing domestic violence. For more information, to get involved, grab the button and to enter some amazing competitions visit Kristin's Speak Out page on Wanderlust!

But first, as always, let's Flog!

P.S. I'm going on holidays and will be shutting up shop for a week. So FlogYoBlog Friday is going on holiday too! Next week it'll be hosted by Sara at Tis The Life.


  1. Yay - thank you Glow, so much, for supporting this initiative. Some fantastic posts are coming in on the linky on Wanderlust. xo

  2. Well done on supporting this Glow. Such a worthy cause. I will be sure to pass on the message!

  3. Yayyyyy See you next week Sara!

    Glow, I will miss youuuuuuu. But have an absolute freaking party over there!

  4. I love your header!! You went christmas yay!!

  5. Thank you for spreading the word about Speak Out.

    Enjoy your holiday, I hope it's an awesome one.

  6. Great cause! Good to see it gaining momentum.

  7. I thought I had better add a disclaimer to the post that I have flogged here - I in no way make light of the issue of domestic violence. I just thought that this little secret was funny but true.

  8. Woot woot for Wanderlust!

  9. I find the initiative worth and I will definitely follow!


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