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He Did What!? Wednesday - By Mother Moments

Do you see the light? -By Mother Moments

My husband, Thunder Maker, has a lot of moments that make me think “You did what?!” The one that immediately springs to mind though is the time he couldn’t change a light bulb. It happened about 8 years ago and I am still giving him shit about it. Not only that, but the guys I work with all give him shit about it too.

I am a lot more technically minded than Thunder Maker. That happens when I’m an electronics technician by trade. It means that handyman-type jobs around the house usually fall to me to sort out. Most of the time that’s cool, but I happen to be quite short and Thunder Maker happens to be quite tall, so I have to ask him to change light bulbs for me if they are in a funny spot where I can’t use a chair ladder.

A few months after I moved in with Thunder Maker, the light bulb in our bedroom blew. No big deal, I can change that. Except that the light fitting was right over the top of our bed and even standing on a phone book, I couldn’t quite reach the light fitting.

I asked Thunder Maker to change the light bulb over for me and in typical Thunder Maker fashion, he neglected to get around to it for a few weeks. In the meantime I was stubbing my toes on various items of furniture in my quests to get to the bedside table lamp.

Eventually I had had a gut full and insisted that Thunder Maker change the bulb for me right there and then. Ten minutes later he came out to me rather sheepishly and told me that he couldn’t get the bulb out. The conversation went something like this:

TM: “I can’t get the bulb out.”

Me: “What do you mean you can’t get the bulb out?”

TM: “It won’t come out.”

Me: “Well, it went in there in the first place, it has to come out.”

TM: “I’ve been trying for ten minutes and it won’t come out. The fitting keeps spinning around.”

Me: “What do you mean the fitting keeps spinning around? Let me come and have a look.”

At this point I go into the bedroom and watch Thunder Maker attempt to remove the light bulb.

TM: “See, I can’t get it out. The fitting keeps spinning around.”

Me: “That would be because it is a bayonet light fitting and you are trying to screw it out.”

I then had to explain how he needed to push in first, then twist to get the bulb out. I’ve never let him live it down. On the plus side, Thunder Maker now knows how to change a bayonet light fitting.
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  1. I don't see how a bayonet fitting bulb can keep spinning around. The little doohickeys on either side lock into place one they're pushed and twisted. They'll only turn about a centimetre, if that.

  2. It wasn't just the bulb spinning around, it was the entire metal fitting. It is the original fitting from the 60's when the place was built and for some reason, the metal bit wasn't securely anchored within the outer plastic casing.


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