Friday, November 4, 2011

FlogYoBlog Friday: The Radelaide Edition

Hey Floggers,

I'm off to Adelaide this weekend... or, as I like to call it, Radelaide. Why? Well, just because it sounds cool. There's no cool way to say Perth so I'm a bit jealous, really.

I've been to Adelaide once before, when I was 15, and I can sum up what I know about Adelaide in five points:
  • Giant balls in the mall
  • City of Churches
  • Once lived in by Ben Folds
  • The suburb name Glenelg, spelled backwards, is Glenelg
  • There are two football teams
What more do I need to know? Nothing! I'm set! But before I go, let's Flog!

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  1. Enjoy Radelaide and make sure you stock up on plenty of Haigh's chocolate!! xxx

  2. Have a good trip! I've always wanted to go there since my sister got to go for a school thing. Love that abpout glenelg:)

  3. When you are feeling particularly humorous, you could say that you come from Mirth or when you're wearing a particularly supportive bra you could say you come from Pert. Oh those were so bad. You're right there isn't a cool way to say Perth.

    I've never been to Adelaide, but I imagine it to be beautiful. Have a great trip.

  4. We are turning on the warm weather especially for you this weekend, so you feel at home. Feel free to polish the Mall's Balls while you're here.

  5. Perth-ect?

    I know that words that read the same in both directions is called a palindrome!

    Have fun in Radelaide :)

  6. What I remember about Adelaide is Glenelg.  The beach and the pier.  I was there for a conference once.  I also remember the beautiful sandstone houses....  Have fun!

  7. oh wow I did not notice that about Glenelg before.
    I know Adelaide is my hometown's sister city and was planned by the same town planner so it's very griddy in the centre. 

  8. I've been to Adelaide and seen the giant balls. Have fun!

  9. Have fun in Radelaide.. I love it their gorgeous place, not quite as good as Perth though! Im a born and bred Perth girl~ Itll always top any city! xx

  10. We will rock it like true rock stars on a whilrwind tour, no?

  11. PS - Will you be wearing Map Guy's ranty pants for PJ's?

  12. Yep, shiny silver balls (right next to GW Cox Jeweller *smirk*), funny suburb names (although Brisbane's are just plain wacky) and a few cathedrals. That's us.
    But then there's Haigh's. And Fruchocs. And Feel Good (or Farmer's Union) Iced Coffee. And Balfours (best custard tarts in the country). Oh, and me ;)

  13. Enjoy your trip!
    Next time holiday to the good ol' south west of Sydney. It is nothing like Sydney.

  14. LOVE Radelaide! I'd move there. But then.... I'm a bit slow like that *ducks swipes from Radelaideans*

  15. Hmm, never realised that about Glenelg - love trivia like that! Anyway, enjoy Radelaide!

  16. You need to know that Haighs chocolate has two outlets in the city, one at the corner of Rundle Mall and King William Street, (the building known as the Beehive), the other in the Adelaide Arcade at the Grenfell Street end.
    Swiss Glory, another excellent chocolate shop has an outlet in City Cross which connects Rundle Mall with Grenfell street (nth/sth) and Gawler Place with James Place (east/west)
    Swiss Glory also do yummy cakes and pastries also a very nice range of pies and pasties.
    We've put on some wonderful weather for you, hope you enjoy your stay.

  17. Sounds like you've covered Adelaide quite nicely !  Have an awesome time :)

  18. I lived in Adelaide 3 years, how did I not reaslise that Glenelg spelt backwards is Glenelg?

  19. I must investigate this Haigh's you speak of!

  20. I'm going bra shopping right now so I can say that!

  21. Solo gigolos is my favourite palindrome :P

  22. Ooooh can't wait! Will definitely try those out!

  23. AstroPerth sounds fairly cool to me - though i am a bit 'special'

  24. Adelaide is like a big country town.  Seriously not much bigger than where I live in BumFuck Nowhere.

    River is right about the Haighs store, that and the balls in the mall are all I remember of Adelaide... oh and MPS's brother pulling a gun on us after his mothers funeral but I am pretty sure that is not Adelaide's fault.


  25. Well I'll let you know if I come up against any gun toting family members. And Perth is only a tiny bit bigger than Adelaide thanks to all the freaking people moving here for mining jobs.


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