Tuesday, December 21, 2010

T-ravelling With Style

When we go driving in the Glow-mobile we never ever stop to ask for directions. And whilst this can be the cause of much friction for some couples, for us it isn't an issue. It's got nothing to do with stereotypical male behaviour, it’s because he’s my Map Guy. He’s a living, breathing GPS unit. It is physically impossible for the man to get lost.

The Way to Map Guy's Heart
So what better way to review the GPS function of the Telstra T-Touch Tab than to put it in to the hands of Map Guy and take it for a spin!

Now, if it was just me I would have typed in the address and listened as the lovely computer voice (who I like to call Miss Direction – hehe, get it?) told me which way to go. But not Map Guy, he went above and beyond and put that baby through it’s paces.

For starters he spoke the destination we were after to test out the voice recognition – I didn’t even know you could do that. Almost instantly it had the location and loaded the map which was really easy to see on the massive seven inch screen (see I told you size matters!).

As we drove he started excitedly explaining how GPS units work, and how they’re accurate to around 5-10 metres and blah blah blah… luckily I was wearing sunglasses so he couldn’t see that I’d dozed off listening to his techno-babble (it’s OK, he glazes over when I talk about blogging so we’re even).

So there we are driving along and Miss Direction says to turn left… and Map Guy, with an evil grin on his face, turned right. Talk about breaking the rules, what a bad boy! But the Google Navigation software didn’t skip a beat, it recalibrated the route and told us to go to the roundabout 20 metres up the road and head back where we came from. It’s obviously not Australian software or Miss Direction, in her Stephen Hawking-esque voice would have just said “Chuck a U-ey, mate”.

Map Guy was having a lot of fun showing me all the different functions but my favourite was the layers. Rather than driving around in circles looking for a place to fill up, you can turn on the Petrol Station layer and voila, all the servos in the area pop up on the map. There is a separate layer for car parks, the latest traffic info, restaurants, even ATM and bank locations – so handy when you’re in an area you don’t know and the car is running on fumes or you’re desperate for Chinese food.

The T-Touch as GPS unit gets the Glowless seal of approval, but more importantly the Map Guy seal of approval!
This is the second installment of a paid four part review of the T-Touch Tab,
sponsored by Telstra and organised by Kidspot Australia.


  1. Does the map function have a layer for clean public toilets or semi-decent playgrounds? Imagine if it had a layer that told you "shoes on sale inside this store right now!"...imagine the possibilities...

  2. I'll get Map Guy on to it straight away!


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