Thursday, December 16, 2010

Honorary Super Parent

Today I'm an Honorary Super Parent! That means I'm wearing my undies on the outside and I'm rockin a cape (a dirty tea towel slung over my shoulder counts).

Colin has invited me over to guest post about how to beg for money request sponsorship for the Aussie Bloggers' Conference.There's a little disclaimer above it pointing out it's not his usual PG13 rating because I said ass... oops.

So if you'd like to know how I got sponsorship or if you'd just like to see the word ass appear on a parenting site, head on over now and have a read.

Glowless is attending the Aussie Bloggers' Conference thanks to HealthyChart


  1. Well. Look at you! The new pin-up girl for conference sponsorship. You could get used to this undies on the outside gig :)

  2. The teatowel might not be clean but luckily the undies are!


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