Saturday, December 4, 2010

Letter to Tricky - 6 months old

Dear Tricky,

Happy half year!I can't believe how fast these past six months have zoomed by. You've grown from a (not so) teeny little baby to a big smiley chubba bubba.

In this past month you have done sooo much!

You’ve mastered sitting and have almost perfected crawling – the hand/knee coordination still needs a little work so sometimes you flop to your belly and worm along. I can’t blame you though, it’s much fast that way and you NEED to get to the toy.

You’ve been enjoying some really special one on one time with your Daddy on Saturdays when I’m at work. Daddy has even taken you out visiting people – he says it’s because he wants to see them but I know he just wants to show you off! He is such a proud Papa Bear.

We’ve been spending a lot of time with your Pop recently because he isn’t too well – but whenever you are near him he is fine… you are his medicine, his elixir of life.

If the decorations are any hint, it’s almost your first Christmas! I apologize now because I will make you sit on a random stranger’s knee and have your photo taken and I will dress you in cute little Santa suit on Christmas day even though it might come back to haunt you one day (your 21st perhaps?)… there is no point fighting it, it’s a rite of passage for both of us.

We did think your springs would be taken out by now but they have to stay in for a little bit longer –but that’s OK, because they look like a little halo and now you can be our Christmas Angel!

Happy first Christmas, my Angel.

Love Mummy xxx

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  1. Gorgeous!!! He's so blessed to have a Mummy,Daddy and family like you xx

  2. ha, I never thought of it as a built-in halo! how festive of you Tricky! :)

  3. "Tis the season to be merry" "Well that's my name" "....." hehe

  4. Thanks :) I feel blessed to have him.

  5. Happy half birthday Tricky and merry first Christmas xxx

  6. Thanks, Sally, he had a good day - eating, sleeping, playing- all the cool things!

  7. :-) first Christmas - rules are rules dammit

  8. Going this Saturday for Santa Photos - expect a post so schmaltzy you'll feel sick :P


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