Friday, December 10, 2010

Gaming Addicts Anonymous

I pride myself on being a bit of a tech-head but I’m not a hard core gamer. I’m not the type to get so enthralled with a game that I want to play it until I finish it. I don’t have the drive, but mostly, I just don’t have the patience. Well that’s what I thought anyway, until I got my hands on the Telstra T-Touch Tab.

Because the Tablet is powered by Android it means I have the fabulous Android Market at my disposal – there are over 100,000 apps of which a whopping 57% are free, and who doesn’t like free stuff, right? I just cannot get enough. Hi, my name is Glowless and I’m a free games addict. 

I have tried my hand (or more accurately, my finger) at all sorts of games, from ten pin bowling to air traffic control. And of course, who can resist Angry Birds? It is the epitome of mobile device games. Those birds can really hold a grudge- through no less than 150 levels. And I WILL get through them ALL!

Tippi Hendren's favourite game
Playing the games on the 7 inch screen was awesome. I must admit to feeling uber cool whipping out the T-Touch next to my techie friend as he played the exact same games on his Android phone’s 2 inch screen – yeah, size matters, baby. Plus if your hand gets sore from holding the Tablet whilst playing non-stop, you can pop out the little stand and voila! It sits up by itself and you can play with one hand leaving the other one free to get on with those pesky tasks that keep getting in the way of valuable game time, like brushing your hair or feeding the baby.
7 inches of awesome
But the games aren’t just for me – my little 6 month old boy ‘Tricky’ loves the colourful flash card app  I downloaded for him. And by that I mean he likes to try and smack the screen when the bright pictures come up. But I can see the T-Touch coming in super handy when he’s a little bit older and we’re stuck in traffic and he’s lost interest in, say,  the 15th round of “I Spy”.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have 27 more levels of Angry Birds to get through.

Cos honesty is the best policy I'll point out that this post is part of a paid four part review of the T-Touch Tab, sponsored by Telstra and organised by Kidspot Australia.

Oh and the HealthyChart comp has a few days left, so head on over here to enter if you haven't already! You KNOW you want to!


  1. Hahaha, I had to psych myself up to use an e-reader---you're about 50 streets ahead of me in the technology stakes! (If I tie your shoelaces for you while you play, can I watch over your shoulder?)

  2. Hehe I'll bring it to the next Bloggers' morning tea and you can play. I actually downloaded a few eBooks on to it and it seems pretty cool, especially cos I can hide under the covers and read and not disturb sleeping husband with the bedside lamp.

  3. I'm not usually into games but I love Angry Christmas birds. Love them.

  4. When you think about it, it's a really bizarre concept for a game. Birds angry at frogs for stealing their eggs... but it's awesome!

  5. I am a self confessed apple snob. It does look very cool though, not an ipad, but still cool. (I don't even have an iphone so am a long way from getting to the tablet stage...) I hope you enjoy it!

  6. I've never owned anything Apple so I'm afraid I can't compare them. All I know is I'm having fun playin!

  7. Ooooo! That's cool. Love the referrence to Tippi!


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